How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals
How to Take Better Bird Photos

Bird photography is a very challenging genre that requires a lot of specialized knowledge, top-tier technique, and patience, but when it all comes together, it can reward you with stunning photos. If you are looking to improve your own bird photography, this awesome video tutorial features two seasoned professionals discussing their background and a range of lessons and ways to improve your work.

We Review the New Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD Lens

As a working professional, I rely on my gear and need it to perform in all conditions. Recently, I was given the opportunity to field-test the new Tamron 150-500mm f/5-6.7 Di III VXD. It may just surprise you, as it did me.

5 Tips for Better Wildlife Photographs

Do you want to become a better wildlife photographer but you aren’t sure where to start? Here are five tips to help you create beautiful animal photographs no matter your skill level.

Bird Photography With the Canon EOS R5

The Canon EOS R5 is one of the most impressive cameras we have seen in quite some time, and it brings with it a huge range of impressive features and improvements. This excellent video puts it to the test with both native and adapted lenses to show you the kind of performance and image quality you can expect.

How Technology Is Revolutionizing Wildlife Photography

Rob Cottle's remarkable wildlife photographs demonstrate his love for nature. Rob spoke about how new technology for capturing birds can help photographers starting out in the genre and more experienced photographers too.

8 Helpful Tips for Photographing Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds are some of the most beloved birds out there, but they are small and fast and have some attributes that can make them especially difficult to photograph. If you are a hummingbird lover and are looking for a fun challenge, check out this great video tutorial that will give you eight helpful tips for getting better shots.

7 Tips and Tricks for Better Pet Portraits at Home

If you've been trying to get some portraits of your furry friend but your images aren't quite cutting the mustard, then these seven simple techniques might be just the thing you need.

Tips for Wildlife Photography in the Rain

Adverse weather conditions can make shooting more difficult, but can also yield more interesting and attractive images. Here are some tips for photographing wildlife in the rain.

Why You Should Photograph Birds From a Floating Hide

Getting close to birds is forever a problem, the closer you get the more likely it is that the birds will notice you and fly away. However, a floating hide can transform your ability to get up close and personal with birds on the water.

Post-Processing Cat's Eyes in Lightroom Classic

If you've been into photography for very long at all, you know how critical the eye is. I'm not speaking of the artistic eye, but the physical eye as shown in a photograph.

You Don't Need A Huge Lens to Take Great Wildlife Shots

Gear envy is an ever-present topic in the photography community, and not least so when it comes to wildlife photography. With the best super-telephoto lenses amounting to $5,000 and upwards, it's not hard to imagine why.

Add a Vintage Look to Your Photos Using Lightroom

Whether you're wistful for the good old days, or want to recreate an analogue feel in your digital photos, this Lightroom technique will help you adorn your photos with that vintage feel.

How to Create Awesome Pet Photos at Home

Have you ever wanted to take a decent photo of your pets? Maybe you want to print them or post them to social media, but don't have a studio? Check this out.

A Beginner's Guide To Photographing Wild Birds

Photographing birds is tremendously tricky and requires as much wildlife know-how as it does knowledge of settings. So, if you're interested in getting started, here is a beginner's guide to push you in the right direction.

What I Photographed When My Pet Died

It's difficult when a pet dies, but as photographers, we can choose to honor our loved ones with photos that will last forever. Here's what I chose to photograph when my pet died.

Which Camera is the Best for Wildlife Photography Out of The Canon R5 or R6?

Canon's mirrorless cameras released in 2020 caused quite the stir, and while it may seem at first glance that one is objectively better than the other, it's not necessarily the case. Moreover, you may not need to spend the extra money on the current flagship mirrorless as you won't see the benefits.

Should You Use a Teleconverter, or Just Crop the Image?

Where once the only option was the longest lens possible if you wanted to shoot wildlife, now we have the resolution to give the photographer some real flex with cropping. So when you're next out birding, what's the best approach? Is it a telecoverter, or just cropping?

10 Creative Photography Mindsets You Need in Iceland

Known as the land of fire and ice, Iceland is an unforgiving country at the best of times. In this video we learn how two native Icelandic photographers manage to stay full-time in the wintry landscape.

What are the Best Bird Photography Destinations?

Bird photographers can have it tough, with the discipline requiring enormous lenses, amounts of patience, and travel to get the best images of some of the world's most interesting and elusive birds. But where are the best, must-see locations?

Canon EOS R5 Review for Wildlife Photography

A 45-megapixel sensor, 8K video recording, 8-stop in-body image stabilization, Dual Pixel AF, and 12 frames per second shooting; What do these things have in common? They are all present on the seemingly wildlife-prepared Canon EOS R5. Here’s a hands-on look at how well it pulls it off.

Sony a7S III Review for Filming and Photographing Wildlife

Everything else aside, the Sony a7S III’s recording options alone place it in contention for many potential buyers wanting high-quality video at a price that enthusiasts and budding pros can still justify. In this hands-on review I look at the a7S III in the context of capturing wildlife video and photos.

Helpful Tips and Tricks for Editing Bird Photos in Lightroom

Bird photography is a genre that requires great technique and a heck of a lot of patience, all backed up by good editing skills to create the best possible image. This fantastic video tutorial offers over 20 tips and tricks for editing bird images in Lightroom.

Sony FS5 II Review and Comparison to Alpha Cameras for Wildlife Filmmaking

A little over two years ago, the Sony FS5 II compact cinema camera was released. Both the original FS5 and the FS5 II have become common names found in wildlife filmmaking thanks to their relatively low price, portability, and slow motion recording options maintaining 10-bit 4:2:2. In this review I put the camera to work for a month of filming at the onset of the autumn season and share my thoughts on the experience.

A Dog Photobooth Made Out of Lego

A cute dog, some Lego, and a camera... I can't think of anything more perfectly made for the internet than this.

Filming and Editing a Cinematic Wildlife Video

In this article I will be giving some insight behind the creation of my latest video, “Green Heron: A Cinematic Portrait,” which includes dealing with gear limitations, working with music and sound effects, and forming wildlife footage into a story.

Capturing the Best Poses for Bird Photography

Getting a flighty little bird in the frame and snapping a photo is a thrilling experience. Many times it’s not easy. But, if you want to step up your bird photography, there are some particular poses to pay attention to that will make better images.

Great Tips on How to Get Perfect Panning Shots of Wildlife

While we often want to freeze birds and animals using fast shutter speeds to capture crisp images, sometimes we might want to create a sense of the creature’s movement by panning the camera. This short video explains how to set up your camera to get dramatic, motion-blurred shots while keeping the subject sharp.

HOWL: An Ethical Photography Convention

Ontario is Canada’s most populous province. It contains 9 of the top 20 urban areas by population size in the country. Where, then, is there room for an annual convention on wildlife photography? Whitney, Ontario, the gateway to Algonquin: meet Howl.