How To Photograph Real Estate and Vacation Rentals
How to Photograph Birds With Clean, Simple Backgrounds

One of the most difficult challenges in bird photography is finding the subjects you want in front of non-distracting backgrounds. With limited means of placing wild birds exactly where you need them, what methods can be used to ensure other elements in the frame don’t overpower the subject?

Helpful Dog Photography Tips in Just 90 Seconds

Dog photography can be incredibly rewarding when you do it right, but it can also be quite frustrating when the little puppers are bouncing all around and paying attention in every direction except yours. This helpful video will give you some quick tips to improve your pictures of dogs and to increase your chances of getting the shot.

Outdoor and Wildlife Photography Safety

As I’m preparing to search for black bears to photograph, my personal safety has certainly come to mind a few times. When photographing wildlife, the combined safety of both ourselves and the species we are seeking out should be the top priority. In this article, I go over a few things to keep in mind when you head out into the great outdoors with your camera.

LensCoat Lens Cover Review: Camouflage Your Lenses for Wildlife Photography

You've probably seen them before, and the concept is nothing new to the market. However, as LensCoat keeps cranking out new Lens Cover designs to match all the hottest new lens releases, these protective camouflage sleeves are just as relevant today and worthy of taking a closer look at.

Five Tips for Photographing your Pets at Home

If you like photography, have a camera, and have pets, they're going to meet sooner or later. Here, Matt Granger gives you his tips for photographing your pets at home.

An Unlikely Intruder: The Fly Inside a Professional Canon Lens

What seems like it could have been an April Fools joke if it had come out a few days sooner, the Lensrentals blog has posted a great (and enlightening) story on something that apparently has happened more than once: somehow, for some reason, a full-sized fly got into a lens, and the entire lens had to be disassembled to remove it. The question is: did it affect image quality?

Getting Out of Your Comfort Zone

Plans are good. Most of us live by plans, and we like things to go as planned. But sometimes just showing up and going with the flow can yield immense rewards for photographers. There is nothing wrong with wanting to know what to expect so you can plan appropriately, but sometimes we just need to let go. Here are a couple of examples of some amazing moments I would have missed if I had stuck to plans and took shelter in my comfort zone.

Ten Tips for Pet Portraits to Help Find Forever Homes

Pet photography has become extremely popular, as many pet owners are looking for photographs of their fur babies. One photographer took his talents to help shelter dogs find new homes and is giving tips to other photographers to do the same.

6 Tips for Photographing Sharks Safely

Shark photography is a popular and exciting part of shooting underwater. Many photographers travel the world over to get up close and personal with these mysterious creatures. If you are planning to start photographing sharks, it’s important to have a read through some of the items below to keep yourself and the very creatures you are in awe of safe.

Are We Having Fun With Photography?

When was the last time you can remember having fun with your photography? Not the joy of landing a photography job or the excitement of nailing that one photo, but rather childlike fun while shooting.

Rare Leopard Captured by Photographer in Kenya

Black leopards are a rare sight in Kenya, one of the few remaining places the elusive animal can be found. But that rarity didn't stop British wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas from recently seeking out the creature.

The Best Wildlife Photography TV Show Is Free on YouTube

Alright, you can hate me for this since I've been keeping it to myself for a while now. But "Wild Photo Adventures," the PBS television series that follows wildlife photographer Doug Gardner, has been made available for free on YouTube.

How to Use Any Lens for Macro Photography

The results from macro photography, when well done, can be spectacular as a dazzling, miniature world comes to life. Check out this great video to learn how to use any lens to get started with macro photography immediately.

Dog Photography That Is Doggone Good

If you are a dog lover, then you will really dig these doggone awesome photos from Kaylee Greer from Dog Breath Photography and the star of “Pupparazzi.”

How to Photograph Dangerous Animals up Close Without Getting Killed

Wildlife photographer Will Burrard-Lucas has come up with creative means of getting close to some of the world’s most dangerous and shyest animals. Check out this short video to find out some of his gadgets for getting shots that would otherwise be impossible without putting yourself in a lot of danger or scaring off your subject.

Ocean Art Competition Winners Highlight the Beauty of Our Oceans

The 7th Annual Ocean Art underwater photography competition winners were announced this week. The competition sorted through thousands of entries from across 70 countries and consisted of 16 categories ranging from Wide-Angle and Super Macro to Cold Water and Marine Life Behavior. The Best of Show image was awarded to Duncan Murrell for capturing an image of three giant devil rays in the midst of an underwater ballet.

The Economic Value of Underwater Macro Photography

Could a very niche genre of underwater photography, that people travel great distances for, be capable of protecting bizarre critters few know exist? During a visit to the Lembeh Strait in Indonesia — a mecca for macro photographers — I met with Belgian researcher Maarten De Brauwer to learn more about his research into the economic value of muck diving and underwater macro photography.

Great Destinations to Practice Underwater Photography

Are you new to underwater photography, or need to brush up a bit? Unsure where to get your feet wet first? While there are many ideal places around the world that are perfect for beginners, I've compiled a few of the spots that I love for their calm conditions, easy entries, and photographic opportunities.