Morten Hilmer Helps Bring Wildlife and Nature to Your Desktop

Morten Hilmer is a wildlife and nature photographer who manages to film himself while photographing his various wildlife projects, creating some very interesting mini-documentary series. 

I am primarily an outdoor adventure photographer, and because I also live in a major city, this last year has been hard for me to actually get out and into nature. So, I have been living vicariously through some of my favorite nature photographers on YouTube, and Morten Hilmer is by far my favorite wildlife photographer to watch right now. His videos are usually 50% just him in the wilderness quietly photographing while you listen to the sounds of nature around him and 50% insight into his entire process from beginning to end shooting in these amazing locations. 

This latest video is another perfect setting for me to sit back and pretend I'm not stuck in my office writing. It covers one of his current ongoing projects, photographing badgers, which in itself has been really interesting to follow but quickly moves into lots of insight and tips on how Hilmer prepares for and shoots these wild animals. It takes a lot of work to locate, approach, and set up a shooting location that also doesn't disturb the animals in their natural habitat. What is really amazing is while doing all this, he still manages to record himself getting so many amazing images and even takes the time to quietly narrate some of his processes.

Hilmer also has a 24/7 live wildlife camera he has been experimenting with, which is amazing. I've found myself just putting it on at random hours, and it seems like there is almost always something interesting hanging around. If you love wildlife, it's worth checking out. 

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Michael DeStefano is a commercial/editorial photographer focusing on Outdoor Lifestyle and Adventure. Based in Boston, MA he combines his passion for outdoor sports like climbing and surfing into his work. When not traveling or outdoors he is often found geeking out over new tech gadgets.

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Morten is freakin' awesome! I've been watching his YouTube videos for a couple of years now, and am completely hooked.

His manner and attitude is always so pleasant and likable. He never displays any kind of ego or "I know better than everybody else" kind of attitude. I have no idea how he manages to be so humble - it takes a very special person to maintain that kind of humility when one has been so successful.

He also provides full disclosure and complete transparency about everything he does, and that is very refreshing in today's world of professional wildlife photography, where people keep so much from the public.

Also ..... Morten may be the only guy I've ever known of who enjoys coffee as much as I do!