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What to Expect When Photographing Sea Lions Underwater

If there is one creature I could spend the rest of my days photographing it is the California sea lion. These acrobatic pinnipeds commonly known as the “puppies of the sea” never disappoint and are by far the most playful of all marine life I have encountered.

Dog Sledding: How the Races Helped One Photographer Come Back From the Dark

Documentary photographers have the opportunity to see the world in ways the everyday photographer may never understand. With the ability to chronicle events, they can tell stories from inside the action. However, this can also take a toll on the mind, making even the most hopeful person become cynical.

Unique Holiday Gift Idea: Photograph Your Own Pet Calendar

The holidays months can bring extra leisure time, and there's nothing more rewarding than spending that free time on a challenging photography project. During last year's fall holidays I decided to turn my available energy into something creative and fun: a pet calendar for 2018.

Incredible Photo of Bats Hunting Uses Ground-Breaking Infrared Lighting Rig

Photographer Paul Colley spent 14 months creating an ingenious infrared lighting system in order to capture bats hunting at night without disturbing them. After winning first prize in the British Wildlife Photography Awards, he talked to Fstoppers to explain how he created this totally unique image.

2019 Wildlife Photographer of the Year Competition Opens Today

While the awards ceremony for the 54th Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition wrapped up last week in London, the prestigious competition opens its doors today for submissions to 2019's Wildlife Photographer of the Year competition. For those who are keen to get involved in this next competition, I highly recommend it. Photographers may submit their images up until December 13, 2018 here.

Elusive Snow Leopard Shoots Purrfect Selfies

Have you ever been fortunate enough to see a snow leopard out in the wild? Yeah, me neither, and it may be because they are busy taking selfies just like us.

Kayaker Slapped in Face by an Octopus-Wielding Seal

This one is for real. An octopus-wielding seal singled out a particular kayaker from the group and made it very clear his presence wasn't welcome in another moment of pure, spontaneous, GoPro gold.

Photographer Captures Amazing Footage of Humpback Heat Run

Australian wildlife photographer, Scott Portelli, has spent the better part of two decades freediving with humpback whales around the tiny South Pacific island nation of Tonga. In this video, Portelli, one of Australia's top wildlife photographers, captures stunning aerial and underwater footage of one of nature's most amazing events—the heat run.

Nine Tips for Photographing Great White Sharks

As we are now in the middle of the white shark season in Guadalupe, Mexico, many shark lovers are preparing to make their way to the waters surrounding the volcanic island situated 150 miles off the western coast of the Baja Peninsula. Having photographed white sharks in various locations around the globe, I thought I’d put together a few tips for anyone keen to shoot them for the first time....

Photographer Shares Shocking Images Commercial Fishermen Don't Want You to See

Brian Raymond, a lifelong fisherman turned shark dive operator and photographer, recently shared some powerful and disturbing images he captured of bycatch in the waters off of southern New England. Bycatch refers to unintended species that are caught while fishing for another species and is a regular occurrence in commercial fishing.

Pet Photography Tips From a Successful Dog Photographer

Pet photography is as popular as ever right now, as more and more people become pet owners. In fact, according to a recent survey by American Pet Products Association, nearly 80 million American households have pets.

National Geographic Admits Polar Bear Video's Link to Climate Change Got 'Out of Hand'

Last year, in what became one of the most widely circulated pieces of footage in recent history, National Geographic posted the now-infamous video of a starving polar bear, with the accompanying caption “[This is] what climate change is like.” The company has now addressed their wording, saying the situation “went too far.”

Five Tips for Underwater Wide-Angle Composition

As with land-based photography, patience and planning can go a long way underwater. And while some aspects of topside image composition are the same below the surface, there are other elements at play underwater that you should keep in mind when composing your shots.

Photographer Has Standoff With Polar Bear While on Shoot

It's every nature photographer's worst nightmare. You're snapping away at a majestic creature, capturing all its beauty and magnificence, when suddenly you find yourself face-to-face with danger. This is what happened to photographer Maxim Deminov, and his reaction was gutsy to say the least.

Five Tips For Getting Better Natural Insect Macro Photography

Macro photography specifically the insect type is a world unto itself when it comes to the tools and techniques needed. Getting high-quality portraits of some of the smallest and most import creatures on the planet takes a steady hand and plenty of patience. With better cameras and more affordable lens options, it's even easier now to give insect photography a try.

Cats, the Internet, and Photography Tips

Welcome to the Internet, where cats pretty much reign supreme and photos of cats are among the foundations of the web itself. All joking aside, anytime you're photographing animals (even the elusive house cat) here are some practices that can make your life a bit easier.

Eight Helpful Tips for Better Dog Photography

Everyone loves pictures of those cute pups, but they can be a bit difficult to get when you're dealing with all that energy. This great video will show you eight tips for getting better photos of dogs.

Eagle Battles Fox in Midair During 'Dramatic Act of Thievery'

Nature Photographer Kevin Ebi was tracking a young fox with his camera Saturday while it trotted with a rabbit in its mouth in northwestern Washington when he heard the screech of a bald eagle behind him. Knowing what was about to happen, Ebi focused in and readied himself to capture what has quickly become the most widely shared photograph of his career.

Conde Nast to Turn Monkey Selfie Legal Battle into a Movie

The studio Conde Nast Entertainment has officially acquired the rights to the life story of photographer David Slater, who became known around the world after getting locked in a copyright battle involving a monkey.

Tips That Make Your Wildlife Shots Just a Bit Easier

It turns out that taking quality images of animals is actually quite challenging. Grab a telephoto lens and check out this video for some tips that make getting a strong shot just a tad more reliable.

Peek Inside a Wildlife Photographer's Gear Stash

Spring is coming. If you're anything like me, you'd rather be out in the woods pretty much all the time right now. And if I'm out in the woods, chances are I have some kind of camera with me.

Ten Easy Tips for Dog Photography

The same way people portraiture requires imagination and inspiration to create something different, so does dog photography. Have you tried photographing dogs but wished you could have added something to make them stand out more? Phil Harris has created a short video to give you 10 quick and easy tips and tricks to achieve that.

Getting Started With Wildlife Camera Trap Photography

With wildlife photography, much of it is giving yourself the opportunity to be in right spot and the right time. But sometimes it’s not realistically possible to be present behind the camera when your skittish subject is nearby in the frame. That’s where camera trap photography comes in.