How to Create Awesome Pet Photos at Home

Have you ever wanted to take a decent photo of your pets? Maybe you want to print them or post them to social media, but don't have a studio? Check this out.

For pet owners like myself, we always want to present our pets as regal and as beautiful as they are, but oftentimes, we fail, because they don't always cooperate with us, especially in a home environment. They move around a lot, and they don’t give us much avenue to catch the pose we want on camera. We consider ourselves lucky to even snap one photo that looks a bit decent enough to edit.

In my latest video, we attempted to do a home photoshoot with our two dogs with the use of only one continuous light source, a stand with a folded backdrop, and a camera. Suffice to say, we managed to get a few decent shots that are still incomparable to professional standards, but enough to be edited. I cover the whole editing process in the video, from photo selection, to stitching, to masking the background, up to the final edits. In the end, I managed to create an image that looked professional enough to be printed and framed. 

If you have pets and want to achieve similar results. watch the video above to learn how I did it.

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Marvin Grey is a multi-award-winning Fine Art Landscape and Architecture photographer from the Philippines. Some of his works have been exhibited and published in several publications since 2019.

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"How to create awesome pet photos" and "we managed to get a few decent shots that are still incomparable to professional standards, but enough to be edited."

English isn't my 1st language but I do feel there's a conflict here...

wtf? How to create awesome per photo: don't prepare, shoot randomly, stitch the sharp parts that you hopefully get, oh and green screen the background too... xD

I just had to watch the video based on your comment and... WOW!!! I'm speechless... I think the title is missing the most important keyword - it should be "How NOT to create awesome pet photos at home".