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Photo Contest: Win BIG This Holiday Season

Our friends at ViewBug are proud to give away a Canon EOS 5D Mark IV in the creative landscapes photo contest. ViewBug is launching a new contest series called the Newly Shot Series; everybody wants to see your new photos. Only images uploaded recently are eligible for this contest, so keep uploading great new stuff. Increase your chances for awesome prizes and bragging rights doled out. Moral of the story - upload awesome images every month!

Win Up to $10,000 in This Photography Giveaway

In a few days, 5DayDeal will launch the biggest photography education sale of the year and this year, Fstoppers is proud to be participating with our own content included. While more information on this sale will be coming in the next few days, there's a chance to get started early with a giveaway of over $10,000 worth of photography prizes. All you have to do is head over to the contest page now to sign up.

Photo Contest: Win Your Choice of Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D500, and More

Our friends at ViewBug are proud to present the Earth First contest series. These contests awards top-end gear that was lovingly used by another creative individual. Providing high-quality, pre-owned prizes puts less strain on the planet, and allows ViewBug to offer even bigger prizes. Classic win-win!

GuruShots Photo Challenges: A Photography 'Game' to Get Your Images Seen

Did you ever play those "hot or not" games, where you were given images of two people and you clicked on the one you were more attracted too? Well, GuruShots is not really like that, but it is a photography community that's based around a similar concept of voting for images you like. Currently, you even have a chance to have your work exhibited at the Usagi Gallery in New York City.

And the Winner of the Sony a9 Digital Camera Is...

For the last month, Fstoppers has been running a contest with our fellow friends SLR Lounge and Fundy. Last night during Fundy's world premiere of their documentary "The Power of the Print," we picked a random winner for the contest. This lucky winner will be receiving a brand new Sony a9 Mirrorless camera body. You can view the full documentary and the winner being announced here on Fundy's Facebook page, or keep reading for the winner below.

We Are Giving Away a $4,500 Sony a9 Mirrorless Camera!

UPDATE: 3 Days left to enter! Yes, are giving away another camera to a lucky reader! Fstoppers has teamed up with our good friends at SLR Lounge and the album design firm Fundy for one of the most exciting contests of the year! On June 15th, one of our lucky readers will win a brand new Sony a9 mirrorless camera... and no, we aren't entering our own contest either! There are 7 easy ways to enter and if you do all 7, you can gain up to 23 individual entries to increase your chance of winning. We have the juicy details in the full post below and make sure to BOOKMARK THE LIVE EVENT HERE.

Just What Is 'Travel Photography'?

This year’s Travel Photographer Society (TPS) competition culminated in a beautiful exhibition of interesting and unique work from travel photographers all over the world in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Surrounding the exhibition, TPS also held a series of talks by prominent travel photographers. In his standout presentation and follow-up blog post, Pics of Asia’s Etienne Bossot questions us deeply about the ethics surrounding travel photography and just what constitutes the genre.

The Deadline to Enter Junebug Best of the Best Engagement Photos 2017 Is Now!

There are tons of photography competitions out there, but not all are equal. In the wedding industry, I’ve found that the Junebug competitions always showcase some of the most inspiring, creative, and beautiful work out there. While the wedding season is about to start, the engagement one is coming to an end for many photographers. So it’s time to start picking your best shots and see if you have what it takes to have your work in the best of the best engagement selection of 2017!

PDN's 'The Look' Contest Is Now Open

Are you a fashion or beauty photographer looking to get your work out into the world? Well PDN (Photo District News) is at it again with their annual fashion and beauty contest. The Look is a contest, open to anyone, that aims to showcase the most talented fashion and beauty images from around the world. Entries are now open and running until June 8th, 2017.

Win $25,000 by Cutting Together a Music Video for 'Make the Cut'

Want to win $25,000 by showing off your video editing skills? Imagine Dragons has teamed up with Adobe by offering fans full access to uncut footage from the lead single, "Believer," from their upcoming third album. Video editors can download the footage and create their own version of the video for a chance to win numerous prizes.

Get a Chance to Be Featured on Fstoppers

In case you have not been poking around the Fstoppers website enough, you may not realize there are groups specifically geared to each photography genre. These groups are designed to be your community outlet to show off your work, and here is your chance to get recognized.

Musicbed Film Initiative Is Back with Over $70,000 to Fund Your Untold Stories

All films start with a small seed. An idea. It’s something we as filmmakers all have in common — we want to turn a thought into something tangible, a place where we can meet someone and share a thought. These ideas change with the season, but there’s always something there. It’s what makes us filmmakers.

Photographers Under 30, Here Is Your Chance to Work With Broncolor Gear

It’s become a tradition: every year, Broncolor offers select young and talented photographers a chance to access some of the best strobes and light modifiers for free for two years. The lucky ones are chosen through a competition called "Gen Next," which is now open for 2017.

10 Things to Consider Before Starting a 365 Project for 2017

January 1 is time for new beginnings, and the Blue Riband event for amateur photographers worldwide is the 365 Project. For the few of you who this doesn’t sound familiar, the name of the game is to try to post a picture a day without fail for a whole year. It has developed the skills and talents of many incredible photographers, but it’s not for everyone. Here are 10 things to consider before you decide to embark on your own 365 project.

He Left Everything Behind and Became National Geographic's Nature Photographer of the Year

I've met photographers who sold almost everything they had to travel the country in an RV, doing portrait sessions along the way. I've known people who have given up everything they know about their way of life in order to have the ability to adopt a new sense of adventure. But this guy. This guy! He left everything, started diving around the world, and became National Geographic's "Nature Photographer of the Year."

Win a $6,495 Italy Photo Adventure in This Free Photo Contest!

Our friends at ViewBug teamed up with Discovery Photo Tours to offer an unforgettable Italy photo adventure to one lucky photographer. Submit your image to the completely free “Around the World” photo contest and you could win a seat on Discovery Photo Tours' Spring 2017 Italy Photo Tour! This all-inclusive, eight-day tour will be an incredible journey through the heart of Italy. Start in Rome and wind through the Tuscan countryside, into Florence, and end in Cinque Terre.

Reconnecting With The Beauty of The Pure Black Night Sky In The Age of Light Pollution

Modernity has brought increased convenience and comfort to countless lives, but there have been unintended consequences as well. Increasing urbanization has caused more and more people worldwide to lose their primal connection with nature, something that is almost impossible to replace by technology alone. The brilliant river of stars known as the Milky Way that has dominated the night sky and human imaginations since time immemorial is no longer visible to one third of the Earth’s population, and 80 percent of Americans. This is especially tragic for photographers.

Announcing Nino Batista's Capture One Pro EIP Challenge Winner

Short version of the story: I love issuing challenges to the awesome readers of Fstoppers, but I also have this wild schedule of mine that changes at a moment's notice this year. So, without wasting more of your time, I'll just say "my bad" and get right to the Capture One Pro EIP Challenge winner.

Mike Kelley and Skypixel's New Aerial Photography Contest

It's always fun to track how various Fstoppers writers grow in their career and undertake new challenges. Mike Kelley has been one of my favorites to watch with the success of his first and second architectural photography tutorials, as well as his expanding aerial photography work. He successfully created and promoted a book featuring his aerial work of Los Angeles. Now, Mike is helping to judge a new aerial photography contest being put on by SkyPixel. If you'd like to participate, check out the details below.

The Finalists for the 2016 Comedy Wildlife Photo Awards Are Here

The competition for the Comedy Wildlife Photography Awards is now closed, but you can have a look at the numerous entries which photographers have submitted. And I must warn you, these are photos of the derpiest animals you have ever seen!

Nino Batista's Capture One Pro Retouch Challenge

I'm back with yet another editing contest, but this one has a twist you'll either love or hate. As I was recently in San Francisco teaching alongside Dave Gallagher, CEO of Capture Integration, for our course on CreativeLive, it occurred to me that almost no one (at least) that I knew personally edited solely in Capture One. That is, taking an image to completion using nothing but Capture One, which would mean not using the sacred Adobe Photoshop in any way. Challenge accepted?

Win up to $100,000 in Cash and Prizes With the Filmsupply Challenge [UPDATE]

[UPDATE] The winners have been announced! Check out the winners page to see some incredible video editing.

Filmsupply and Musicbed have partnered up to bring you a film competition that could change your life. Without having to shoot one frame of footage, you could win up to $100,000 in cash, prizes, and incredible experiences. Although you're not restricted to only using their content, this competition allows you to tap into the huge libraries of both Musicbed and Filmsupply to create and submit your 60-second film. Check out the submission guidelines below.

Fstoppers and ViewBug Landscape Photo Contest Winners Announced!

Several months ago, Fstoppers and ViewBug teamed up to host a landscape photo contest with Elia Locardi as the judge. Thousands of images were submitted with some heavy competition but the best have surfaced to the top. Check out the winning images below and get a little inspiration from the Grand Jury Winner below.

Beware of Fake Photography Contests

We shoot and share our photographs. We want our images seen by other people, as a way of expressing ourselves. Entering photography contests leads to a great way of showing our images to more people with a chance of being approved by a selected jury, but what if some contests are just scams?

 Focus Iran 2: Photo and Video Competition Call for Entries

The first competition in 2014 attracted hundreds of entries from all over the world. Now, the Craft & Folk Art Museum (CAFAM) in Los Angeles and the Farhang Foundation have put out a call for entries for the second, biennial juried exhibition of contemporary photography and video works relating to Iranian culture and heritage. The submission period opened June 1st and runs through August 8, 2016. Up to 40 photographs and videos will be selected by a panel of seven jurors for inclusion in a group exhibition at CAFAM from January 2017 to May 2017.

Win a DJI Phantom 4 From SkyPixel's Contest With Your 360-Degree Aerial Panorama Photo

Two weeks ago, SkyPixel teamed up with DJI and launched an aerial photography contest that could win you a brand new DJI Phantom 4 and a Huawei P9 Plus smartphone, along with several other big prizes. Contestants have been invited to submit their best 360-degree aerial photos to the world's largest aerial photography community before noon on June 20, 2016. The submissions have been pouring in, but the best image has yet to be chosen. If you would like to join the fray and take home a brand new drone, check out the details below.

Photoshop Contest - Submit Your Most Creative Wedding Photoshops!

Are you a Photoshop expert? Fstoppers is starting a new weekly Photoshop contest for our community! We want you to submit your best photoshopped images in the groups where fellow photographers will vote for their top five favorite images. Of those top five, one lucky winner will be chosen and win their choice of an Fstoppers tutorial. This week we are focusing on your most creative photoshops within wedding photography!

PRO EDU Portraiture Photo Contest: Win over 50K in Prizes

PRO EDU unveils one of the biggest photo contest of 2016

You don’t need the best gear to take good photos, but it sure doesn’t hurt to have them. PRO EDU just dropped the covers on their latest tutorial featuring one of world’s greatest, two-time winner of the esteemed “International Photographer of the Year Award”, Sandro Miller.

Going for Gold - How to Submit to Print Competitions on a Budget

Once you start adding up all of the fees, cost of prints, cost of matting, and cost of shipping, entering photography competitions can start feeling a bit expensive. This is why learning where you can cut corners without compromising your work is important.

The Deadline To Enter Red Bull's Illume Competition Is NOW!

Every couple of years Red Bull hosts one of the coolest photo competitions in the world called the Red Bull Illume. If you aren't familiar with this photo contest, the Illume showcases some of the most unbelievable sports photographs in the world. Many of the photos are landscape in a nature which give them an almost fine art feel but there are plenty of edgy closeup shots to grab your attention as well. The deadline to contribute to this year's Image Quest has been extended by 12 hours to April 1st 12:00 (CET) which I believe to be 6:00 PM Eastern if my brain is working correctly.

Broncolor Gen NEXT Contest 2016 Is Now Open

Young photographers often don't have a great budget to buy a lot of equipment when starting out, let alone high-end lighting gear such as Broncolor's flashes and light shapers. Unless the equipment in question is given away, which is exactly what Broncolor offers to talented photographers under 30.

Win a Canon 5D MK III or Nikon D800 in This Free Photo Contest!

Our friends over at Viewbug are at it again! Their new photo contest, "Clever Angles," stands out from their 120 live photo contests as extra special. After all, how many free photo contests offer a prize as huge as the coveted Canon 5D Mark III or Nikon D800?! Submit your image showing creative use of angles or composition for your shot at a new 5D Mark III or Nikon D800, or just browse the entries gallery for inspiration! What do you have to lose?

Stunning Imagery Created With Only Mobile Devices and Apps

The mobile phone has changed photography forever; the smartphone’s camera is the most used feature for the majority of users. Not only have they become the most convenient way to take photos, they’ve also become damn good at taking them, as shown in the annual iPhone Photography Awards.