Five Tips for Product Photography with David Butler

Five Tips for Product Photography with David Butler

Have you thought about trying your hand at product photography? Most of us see it in some form or fashion everyday. Some people might not give it much thought when they look at the products in the photo. A great photo will help tell the story of the product, so where would you start if you wanted to try it yourself?

After shooting product photographer for over the past decade for both in-house large corporate brands and also small freelance projects, David Butler has five tips and thoughts regarding product photography to share with us.

  • Telling the right story with your photos.
  • Natural Light vs Artificial, which is better?
  • Should you use trendy on-camera or filter effects?
  • Visually tell the story.
  • Shoot, edit, print, edit some more, and print again.

This sums up the overall message what David is trying to share with us, jump over to his blog to read more and in detail. Each one is an important factor you must understand to help you produce stellar work. With all photography, I believe lighting is one of the key, if not most important aspect. David compares natural vs artificial and leaves the decision up to you to decide.

Great product photography it meant to grab our attention to look at the product. Next time you are looking at an ad, take a deeper look and analyze what you like or dislike. Do you have any product photography tips you wish to share with us? Leave a comment below.

Images used with permission of David Butler

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Will Fahy's picture

I've been shooting product (mainly footwear) for a about 10 years now - some really nice points on your blog I'll be taking on. Constantly learning about how light behaves and how it interacts with different materials.

If you get time, heres my product portfolio -

Thanks, Will