How To Light And Photograph A Glass Bottle

In this weeks episode of The Slanted Lens, Jay P. Morgan shows us how to light and photograph a glass bottle. This video is also about superimposing products into real scenes so that the product looks it's best. Tutorials like this are priceless for anyone who is interested in product photography. Glass can be extremely tricky but Jay makes things super simple for us.




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Superb video! This is exactly why I haunt :) I'm going to try to duplicate the results, can't wait to give it a go!

BTW, translations for non Americans:

"One-by" is a length of timber one-inch by x-inches, in this case 1-inch by 2-inches. (Yes, I know, they still use inches.... leave them alone, it's OK)

"Glycerine in a spritzer bottle" is Glycerol (not glycol) in a spray bottle. 

"Spritzer" (verb) means "Spray"

"Earthquake putty" roughly the same as BluTac (like plasticine, but stronger and more tacky)

[Serious footnote - this was not to offend Americans - you really do have quite a different language from a lot of other English speaking countries]

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If you want to learn more about tough lighting for glass, the best resource I've ever seen is this book:  <a href=";... rel="nofollow">Light: Science and Magic: An Introduction to Photographic Lighting</a>

Very educational, as always from Jay P. :)

I shot a bottle a while ago in a similar fashion, sort of.

Does the people really know the AMAZING help on Jay P.'s classes are?
Ok ... read the LSMAIPL book what Patrick indicated above is one thing ... you HAVE to recreate the scenario and sometimes (by own experience) try to discovered "what's missing" to not look like the book says.
With Jay P.'s videos ... now sweat!
Thanks extended, OF COURSE, to our pals from FStoppers as well!
BTW Patrick ... any idea when you guys will be back in Chicago .. I still owe you some beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeers. ;) 

Where can I view the video on "How to Light and photograph a glass bottle"