Walk Across America

Jeff Calbom just sent this amazing video over to us. This group of guys decided to travel across the US in 14 days while creating one of the most complicated stop motion videos I've ever seen. Nothing will ever be more complicated than this stop motion video though. You can view the BTSV and the final product below.


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Lee Morris's picture

You can view the map of their travels here: http://bit.ly/brNULW

Dzul Sirozi's picture

superb !!! .. I tried to do like that once during my holiday in UK .. but it was really troublesome for me and my mate .. so we stopped at half way .. :-(

Anyway, these guys really do awesome work. RESPECT !!

Von Wong's picture

wow this is amazing!!!!

Levy Moroshan's picture

Love all the hard work that went into this! I guess it's not really work if you love what you're doing though. :)

Sasha's picture

OMG amazing job! I can't imagine how hard it must have been to put all this together and can't say enough how much I admire this guys. Incredible, from the initial idea to the final product.

Sasha's picture

P.S.: this just makes me think about how much I love fstoppers, for showing us all this great stuff together. Great source to get amazing videos, ideas and inspirations. I'm leaving here my congratulations for you guys also!

Philipp's picture

Absolutely incredible work guys. That's all I can say. Perfect!!!!!!

Jim's picture

This is a paid commercial (attempted viral) for Levi Strauss & Co. (LS&CO). It's not just a "group of guys deciding to travel across the US". Try research this stuff a little, it takes one google search.

Boris's picture

Okay, so it's a commissioned piece. That honestly doesn't detract from the countless hours of planning and hard work that these incredibly talented people put into making this video.

Roman's picture

Awesome job!!! I thought it was creative project but since it is commercial it takes the heroism out of it...

Dennis Roliff's picture

The initial description 'This group of guys decided to travel across the US in 14 days...' sure made it sound like it was a personal creative project. When I realized it was a paid commercial production, it took a bit of the heroism out of it for me too. Oh wells.