Fadewood Studios Eagle Faction Photo Series Reveal

Fadewood Studios Eagle Faction Photo Series Reveal

A photographer and digital artist by the name of Terrence Blanton has released a new website and photo series called "Eagle Faction" that is explosive and very influenced by Call of Duty and Battlefield. Terrence got ahold of a local Airsoft team to help create a fictional series about a team of former military and outdoorsmen that band together to help salvage their local territory of America after a collapse and invasion in the year 2023.

The full synopsis can be read here:

“They said 2012 would be the end… It was just the beginning.
The world has changed. Years of war and economic uncertainty have taken a toll on America.
With national debts across the globe rising and new markets emerging in Asia, the Chinese government, in an effort to continue its economic growth, form an alliance of trade partners to ensure that it has consumers for its massive industrial sectors.

With these new markets available and the United States unable to pay its debt, the Asian Trade Alliance places an embargo on selling goods to the U.S. until interest payments are made. The Defense Department is merely a reflection of itself, only a few bases remain and most of the Navy’s vessels are mothballed. Without warning, a food-borne disease is discovered in processed foods, several are affected but many more face imminent starvation. FEMA is overwhelmed and the U.S. is forced to ask the United Nations for help. In a bold move, the U.N. Security Council, led by the Chinese and Russian Governments, offer medical and food aid under the authority of a U.N. task force of peacekeepers that will enforce a new police state to control the situation. The President has no choice and without consulting Congress agrees to the terms of the pact.

Before the summer of 2023, hundreds of thousands of Pakistani and Indonesian aid workers pour into the nation along with foreign peacekeepers. With their arrival a new radical Islamic caliphate emerges with its ultimate goal to claim America for itself. Freedoms only hope is a group of former soldiers and outdoorsmen who band together for the common goal of fighting back the oppression in hopes of seeing a free America again. They are Eagle Faction. “






Sci-fi corridor leading to light



All the above characters were shot on green screen and then composited into the battle scenes.

Terrence has also shot portraits for the likes of Jonathan Davis (of Korn and Killbot), Excision, DJ Datsik and many more.
The Airsoft group and Fadewood Studios plan to get back together this summer to shoot a new series either taking place in a modern war setting or continuing the story of Eagle Faction in the year 2023. There will be behind the scenes footage of the next installment to see how the series gets created.

If you enjoyed this series and Terrence's work, make sure to head over and check out his new website as well as Facebook.

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Some images are not really well-composited? Such as No.1 and No.3 and the last; I will focus a bit more on characters' skins because their colors do not really match the backgrounds. I wrote this after I saw the images, despite of the article.

most of these are just poorly executed, sorry...

I think the images are better than most people can make. Execution of this is way more difficult than a pair of loafers on a grey background ;)

I'm just wondering why someone would attach a shotgun shell caddy on a AR body...

Too bad those are pencil flares....

agreed. Obviously never shot a 12 ga

They want to look badass. Hmm. Knowledge is power, when people actually have it.

ha... I thought the same thing

Great work! Hope to see more.

I like the story and I like the images. Maybe because other elite commenters have found similar faults with my own composites. To which I say - show me yours

Um, I don't know how to break this to you.

This is "fstoppers", the blog for creative professionals, and a FEATURE, on said blog.

No one has to prove anything to you, because they aren't the ones in a mediocre feature that's supposed to teach us something interesting about photography besides what NOT to do.

If you want people to show you their work, prove yours is above reproach first.

amazing who they will let in here.

Amazing the bar for posting comments on the internet.

I wish it required a degree, or six degrees of common sense. Half your comments would disappear immediately jorge

I don't know what the negative fuss is about. I think its well executed and well lit. To me its not "realistic composites" its more like a video game-artwork. I'm not a hughe fan of the HDR-styled backgrounds. But thats just my taste. I think its well done otherwise.

I think the one with the two snipers is the best... the others are OK, but do not come close to that one.
The last one is redundant, by far the worst of the bunch.

I agree. Also, the pics has got way too much clarity, the HDR is too much and the compositions are hideous! The shots are too tight around the persons to look nice. Also the poses in few pics are quite...bad. For example the fourth pic: who keeps your gun in that position, first off, your wrist will be sore in minutes, second, you need to fix your pose quite a bit so you could "Shoot". I've been in army so that pose is definitely no no.

You forgot- this is Fstoppers. The professional blog written by full time amateurs.

Be careful, they will censor your comments if you don't agree with them. Off with their heads!!!!

Dan Aykroyd's career has certainly fallen from grace, ha!

Personally, the technical factors of the images don't matter so much to me as does the creativity, and I enjoy seeing the photographer's vision coming to fruition. The men are airsoft guys; he is a photographer. I didn't expect, before seeing the images, for them to be accurate given the people involved. The creativity behind these shots is an inspiration for me to get out there and create more work and a reminder that I need to shoot for myself every once in a while.

Kudos to you Terrence on following through with your vision!

there are so many critical comments because, most of the people here are Photographers. And most of the Photographers have a big ego, especially if they have to prove themselves. Thats just normal ;) I like the pics, of course there is still room for improvement in some pictures like 5, 6, 8 but its already on a very high level und a hell of a work which i admire.

who knew the future would hold so much crappy HDR. Great concept...lots of hard work went into this. it just looks silly.

Do you understand that there is no HDR in these pictures? Are you even a photographer that's done HDR?

Are you? Can you read and or type 'HDR' into google and see what comes up?

Nothing like 7 years of pro film/video/photo experience to tell me that even though its extreme sharpening contrast and curves based from post of RAW image data - it still looks like HDR regardless of whether or not it really is. Perception is everything.

I guess the post-apocalypse is the one setting where overdoing your HDR so much that everything looks radioactive actually works.

These are photographs in the loosest since of the word. I would call this guy a composite photoshop artist and not a photographer

No HDR techniques were used in the making of these images.

Reminds me of David Hills Military shots.

So close, yet so far....well, not really that close. Fun concept, might be have been a good photoshoot but the PS work is not very well executed. the photo of the three guys is pretty funny, looks like the dude on the right is totally squatting and doing a #2

What the F are half of you talking about? There's zero HDR in these images. Strong dodging/burning but not HDR. Nobody knows what they're talking about here.

Do you know what "HDR" stands for?

LoL... Fstoppers, look what you have become. People who have no idea what key terms in photography mean.

How ironic that Pat and Lee of just a few years ago would be laughing at themselves now...

awful models

Those are Oakley over the top's in the first photo