[BTS] Erik Almas Shoots An Amazing Composite For Credit Suisse

Erik Almas is definitely one of my favorite photographers and this behind the scenes video does a great job of explaining his process for creating his amazing composite images. I really like this video because in addition to just the photography, it speaks to the idea and inspiration behind the photography, and why they chose to shoot what they did.

You can check out the final image as well as more of Erik Almas's work HERE.





From Nick:

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Nyaj Timautes Yaaj's picture

good video...i like the idea of the set. And check out that Carl zeiss lens....and that awesome contax

Alvinus Melius's picture

I did not realize that Contax cameras were still being used by Pros. This is a true classic.

Such an impressive production! Love Erik's work.

Emil Nyström's picture

Wanna se more commercial work posted here :)