How to Get That Perfect Blend in Composites

Composites are one of the best ways to give your image a whole new look and feel. It can take something from the ordinary to the extraordinary. Understanding how to create these images to stack in a realistic way is all about understanding how to blend your subject seamlessly.

In my underwater work I use composites regularly to bring the client into a fairytale world. I was once told that composite work was cheating the photography world. I disagree. While getting something straight out of camera (SOOC) is fantastic, creating a new world to your images is exciting and fun. Not every image has to be real, and not every image has to be SOOC.  So for those readers who love to create new work digitally (and also do not mind the longer editing time), this video is a perfect introduction on how to blend your work to put together multiple images. 

The pen tool is a great way to get in close with the seams between two images especially with fringing issues. Brendan Williams shows how utilizing this tool is a better method than using a hard brush to mask out the area. It is more precise and in some instances can be faster once you have made your selection. Composite work is not something that can be rushed and Williams explains helpful tips on which methods work best for that perfect blend. 

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