Learn How To Composite Like A Pro

I'm sure by now most of you have tried to attempt a composite. I know when I first started to piece them together I was left with what could only be described as a cheesy mess that should not even be called a photograph. There are so many intricate details that go into making a believable composite. Perspective, color matching, how good a selection you made,ect... all play a important role in having a finished product. After several failed attempts at composites I gave up. Then I came across this tutorial. It gave me hope that maybe I can make a believable composite. In this tutorial Andrei Oprinca shows you how to construct a composite. I found the way he added shadows very useful. I hope you are able to learn something from this video.

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Thomas Ingersoll is a internationally published photographer. He is an expert with strobes but loves to use natural light as well. Thomas has a very clean and polished look to his work. Being very well rounded with fashion, fitness, portraits, and action sports, he is always up to conquer any challenge.

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The shadow trick is cool. But that's a frick'n huge dude if he takes up a whole road like that.


And how about that shadow with right to left direction with the Sun at the 90 degree angle to the shadow direction? 


I'm sticking with natural photography.

Good point, he does look a little large now that you mention it.

Lol is that blackzilla?

Whats the point of this? Take a picture of good clouds one time, and use it for other pictures? Take a picture of a guy and paste it on there. Boooooo!

Composite photography is the way forward. You can achieve high concept ideas that have a high looking production value for very cheap. It really is a skill all of its own. Being able to shoot good stock that can all fit seemly together in an end product is hard. So I wouldn't be to quick to dismiss it.

Whatever, its not actually photography. While it takes skill to achieve, skill isn't what makes something valued or appealing. It is a good tool for a digital photographer's arsenal but I can't bring myself to do this on a regular basis. I have always and will always be a bigger fan of single image photos.

The important thing here are the advanced techniques to obtain the final look you are going for. I think this is a great tutorial.

This was great. Thank you.


I love doing composites, so i'll be checking this out later. Thanks!!

E bine Andrei. Mersi.

He has the Calvin Hollywood look going on this.. I really enjoy all this type of work. If you have the ability to alter an image this much, any image you take can be used in one fashion or another. You're never limited to just the shot you took.. it can be anything you want it to be.

I've found these quite useful for helping me refine my compositing for my commercial work, the way he effortlessly blends the colours in a scene astounds me.