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Teenage Photographer Discovered by Maroon 5...On Flickr!

Everyone dreams about their big break in photography. We wonder when it will come and if we'll be prepared for it when/if it does. For Rosie Hardy, a teenage photographer in Manchester, England, it came more suddenly than she could ever have imagined.

Rosie Hardy picked up photography at the age of fifteen simply because she wanted, "a pretty MySpace picture to make the guy I had a crush on fancy me. So I did with a little point - and - shoot camera.", she says. Later, it evolved into taking photos of the world around her.

Eventually, Rosie became interested in the works of famous photographers and those she was following on Flickr. Using these influences, she quickly grew into her conceptual style.

Then in 2010, Maroon 5's new album, "Hands All Over," was about to be released, however they hadn't yet selected a cover image for the album. By using the search terms, "Hands All Over" they stumbled onto this portrait on Rosie's Flickr account.


When Rosie received a message from the band she immediately thought she was the victim of an internet troll, but when she got contacted a second time, she followed up and realized it was a legit offer. She explains, "They really liked the concept [of the original portrait] and asked if I could redo it, but in a more sexy way for the band."

She immediately took a bunch of self - portraits on her parents' bed, composited it all together and sent it off to the band. The band replied that they were happy with the shot and didn't feel the need for a new model. Rosie would now be on the cover of their new album.


The above self - portrait appeared on the album cover, billboards and buses all over the world and her "overnight success" catapulted her career sky high.





Now isn't that an email you'd like to get? Next time I might just follow up when the King of Africa asks me to transfer his fortune into my bank account...

[Thanks to Flickr!]

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Adam Levine said she'd work as a model for the concept?

Even as a straight male, I'm jealous.

I wonder what kind of licensing contract they hammered out since it was being used on buses and billboards?

Wait.... That's Aaron Nace's Ex Girlfriend isn't it??? Small world!

Yes Rosie is Aaron Nace's ex girlfriend. I have had the pleasure to work with both them, they are both great at what they do!

I thought she looked familiar and when I was flipping through her flickr account I recognized him. Ya they both seem very talented. Aaron seems like one cool dude.

Didn't know they broke up.

Seems like Fstoppers has a thing recently for female photographers who screw up by plagiarizing and publicly apologize for it http://www.flickr.com/photos/rosie_hardy/3304488882/

coincidence. nothing more.

Sure. Just like Madonna copying off of Guy Bourdin was a coincidence.. hmph

Wow... How miserable and negative are you?!

Have you ever even for one second took the time to look at the pictures she _did_ take? She's a true talent for sure and doesn't need your negativity. With such things comes responsibility, something she learned the hard way.

I saw her photographs and she's so talented. I am like light years away from taking shots like hers.

I'm afraid that's a common theme everywhere. Guy plays video games and is called a loser who needs to get out and do stuff. Girl plays video games and she's a "gamer chick" and has 20,000 followers on twitter. Male photographer takes beautiful well planned pictures and maybe he'll get a few hits online, but if a girl takes half naked selfies taken with her iPhone and she gets praise from websites for being very deep and coming up with awesome concepts. "You're on a bed and half naked! You are so talented!". "You have a goose with you? wow! Move over Joe McNally".

I have to somewhat agree with you here. Alot of people won't admit it, but cute young girl taking artistic selfies is almost a guaranteed formula.

While there are some double standards when it comes to males and females, it works both ways. Although I don't fully agree with your take on this situation, I see your point somewhat. But keep in mind, while women don't have to pay for drinks at bars, and get noticed for playing in a man's world, women still statistically make 70 cents on the dollar of their male counter-part. It is what it is. I do take issue with you down playing her work though. Although it's not my personal style of photography, I can recognize beautiful talent when I see it. I think it's sad when anyone has to put down someone else in order to make themselves feel better. You sound sad, desperate and jealous. Even if she got lucky, she is still where she is for a reason. I bet you can't say the same about yourself. Be kind, and others will be in return to you.....

While it's true she stole, she also took ownership. In addition, she is and was very young. This Flickr post is 4 1/2 years old. It's sad you have dig for negative information about someone, and also to not give someone the benefit of the doubt. She has stunning work, and clearly will be very successful. I highly doubt you can say you are the photographer for the album cover of a major recording artist. We all live and learn.

Eu as da muie la toti fstoppersii

Why is this on this blog and another similar photography blog?
This happened like 3 or so years ago...

I love success stories. She's amazing

...classically classy xx

Way to go, Rosie. Well deserved!