Panoramas From Capture to Post

Thomas Heaton created a new set of videos last week about one of my favorite topics and shooting styles: landscape panoramas. I love photographing night skies and landscapes this way and the technique overall is very simple yet can give fantastic results. The best time to start learning how to shoot panoramas is during the day and Heaton takes us through his photography of a great autumn scene and explains what, why, and how he is capturing the images before he goes into his post processing. 

The second video is linked at the bottom of this article and goes step by step through his editing process for the panorama. There’s a couple reasons why I love panoramic images when shooting landscapes. You can create a wider field of view than any single lens in your bag will allow. You can also increase the detail in the image with the additional megapixel count, which means we can print very large images with massive amounts of detail. Lastly, I enjoy a panoramic crop to an image where you can direct the viewer to focus where you want them to in an image. If you haven’t tried creating a panorama, grab your tripod and medium length lens and give it a go.

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