Is This a Photoshop World Record?

In this video, Dean Samed attempts to break a very labor-intensive Photoshop World Record: the most complex image ever composited with the Pen Tool. Samed is a UK-based Digital Artist known for his work in the horror-publishing industry, and judging the task at hand here, the horror is very real indeed.

To undertake this behemoth, Samed works with a dedicated mask layer to ensure his progress is saved (software crashes can happen to anyone) and incrementally chips away with smaller paths to create a filled layer above the source image. Samed states that even though the work is repetitive and laborious, the process is actually quite relaxing and meditative and is a good opportunity to zone out. 

Known for his fondness of the (often misunderstood) Pen Tool, Samed takes his passion to the next level as he composites a ridiculously complex rollercoaster image, a feat of endurance that very few would take on. Of course, there are much faster and efficient methods for cutting out an object like this, but I really don't think this is an exercise in best practices, more so an act of self-inflicted creative masochism! In the realm of Photoshop, this is definitely the kind of thing you don't see every day, that's for sure. 

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Because "the process is actually quite relaxing and meditative and is a good opportunity to zone out."