Why Your Story Matters: A Filmmaker's Dream Come True

When it comes to art, being creative is always a good way to stand apart from your competition. One day, I was browsing through something and saw that Airbnb put up an ad for a film festival. In the ad, Matty Brown was there talking about what it was all about. I was interested in seeing why Airbnb chose him to work with them on a project like this, so I checked out some of his work. I was blown away. 

After doing my research and watching almost all of his videos in one sitting, I realized what had me hooked most was his story. It was very touching and real, yet at the same time so inspiring, from the struggles he went through to the things in life he did to achieve happiness. Brown's story goes a long way, showing us what it took for him to be able to achieve his dream job and lifestyle.

He is able to show us that as much as we struggle, we can succeed and to never give up on ourselves and our dreams. Sometimes, when we get that feeling that times are slow and things are rough, we need to think positively, create ideas, and take it from there. If you believe in something enough, you will be able to achieve it, and that is something he is able to show us in "Colorful Life."

"Tangents," my favorite video by Brown, is filmed in such a unique and creative way. The topic of the whole video is something so basic, something we can probably all relate to in some way or another. On the other hand, the way it is filmed is like nothing I have seen before. Everything about the video — the audio, the angles, the jump cuts — is absolutely incredible.

I wanted to write this and show some of his work, not only because of how amazing it is, but because of his story behind it and why he does it. No one said being an artist was easy; we need to remember that we do what we love for a reason. So, make that reason something to live for.

Airbnb made the right choice picking Brown to do this campaign. I’m sure he is out there creating more amazing content, and I look forward to seeing more of it when it is all done. To see more of his work, check out his Vimeo.

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Brian Rodgers Jr.'s picture

Really well put together videos. His story is very inspiring, very sad to hear about his struggles as such a young age. I'm glad Matty pulled through and has been able to live his dream! Very heartfelt piece,. Thanks for posting this!

Ty Poland's picture

Not a problem! I'm glad you enjoyed it!

Edwin Suarez's picture

Yes, thank you Ty for introducing the work (and story) of Matt to us who didn't know him, very uplifting and inspiring.

Ty Poland's picture

Your'e Welcome! I think his story is amazing and his work is awesome. It shows us we can get through anything and still achieve the things we dream.