[Contest] Win a Lowepro DSLR Video Fastpack through Flickr

Hey Fstoppers! We promised a fourth contest this month, and here it is. Through December 20, enter your best image that you feel defines the theme "Reflections" and win a sick new DSLR Video Fastpack 350 AW from Lowepro.

Big thanks to our friends at Lowepro for their generosity this month with the great prizes!

How to win:

You must submit a photo that portrays your best interpretation of the theme "Reflections" to the discussion in our Flickr group here.

The photo must be in your Flickr photostream. You can only post one image to be considered for this contest. If you post more than one submission you will not be in the running until you delete the extra submissions.

The contest will come to an end on December 15, 2011 and the winner will be announced on December 20, 2011. It is free to participate and anyone can enter, but all winners outside the U.S. are expected to pay any and all shipping and handling costs associated with shipping the prize.

Check out this brand new, really awesome DSLR Video Fastpack. If you're like me, you want one now.

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Kenn Tam's picture

Being an ex-QCM I feel it's important to mention (due diligence wise) that the Fastback 350 AW doesn't not include the pictured: lenses, camera or computer.  ;P

Ian Ludwig's picture

Had to do a double take myself to check on exactly that :)

the link "here"  for fstopper takes me to discussion. can anyone help how to  get my photo stream link