The Fstoppers Monthly Photography Contest


Our big contest is about to end but we thought it would be fun to start up a monthly contest. Obviously we can't afford to give away a new camera every month but we can offer up our coveted banner space at the top of our site. So far we have only given out banners to big name contributors of our site. We have had other photographers offer to pay us for the clickable space and we turned them down. We have decided to do a monthly photography contest and the winner will get their picture and link to their website in flash banner at the top of our site for the next full month.

This month the theme of your pictures must be "technology". At the end of August I will chose my favorite image and the photographer will win the banner placement for the next month. The winner will also get to choose next months theme and choose the winner. Please post your "technology" pictures here.

Is this a good idea? Will you participate? Let me know in the comments below.

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It is a great idea, and I think a lot will participate, and if they don't, they should.

It's fantastic!!! guys you rock!!!! and i love you!!!

this is a really great idea, now i just need to set up my website hah

Are Auto Racing products Technology??? Vintage Offy Indy engines, NASCAR, Indy and Can-Am water pumps??? Are tear sheets OK?

How many pix do you want???

Great idea! Really cool that you turned the moneywolves down, it keeps Fstopper objective and independant!

its a great idea, however it will be sort of an unbalanced contest dont ya think? i mean you have any one from amateurs to semi-pro's and pro's that will be competing, kinda gives the amateurs and semi-pros no chance...

Was planning a tech shoot for practice so perfect ...and open to all is fine just because your an Amateur doesnt mean your not any good..ok I may not be any good..but i am sure there are lots of very good ones :)

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@Roy. I actually don't agree that you cannot compete with a professional photographer. If I said you had to take the best "studio shot" yes, you might have trouble but broad themes like "technology" should allow you to take a picture of almost anything. I bet most of the winners from this contest will be nonprofessionals simply because most professionals will not shoot for fun or for a contest, they only turn their cameras on for paid gigs.

Great idea overall, but I'm not sure I agree with having the previous month's winner choose the next month's winner. Seems like that could potentially get unfair.

Then again, I'm kinda paranoid.

I'm definitely up for joining in, though. :P

awesome idea, open to all, fair playing field and just all around fun. something to get people out there shooting.

@Claudia: the winner chooses the next topic, not the next winner. The winners are always chosen by vote!

This is going to be a lot of fun, I can't wait.

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I think if these themes are broad enough then you have the freedom to do whatever you want with in the contest. And like Lee said, I doubt many 'pros' are going to give these smaller contests any real time. Don't make us make a video showing that you have to be a pro to make good photos :)

What is your copyright policy?

This is a great contest! I will love to participate!! The video contest was just to much of a time effort for me, but this shouldn't be such a big deal to at least be part of ;)

For me it would actually be more enticing to have a followed HTML link with the text of my choosing in your sidebar. That way I could at least get a bit of an SEO boost. Most of my target market (brides in Utah) obviously don't visit this site, so a banner on the top of the page won't do me any good. But a link that is followed could help me bump out competition in the search engine world. Just a thought.

I want so I'll participate this weekend.


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great idea, let's see if I will get of my ass and participate

@Thomas - Consider this my delayed reaction. :P I've not been checking here!

Anyway, I thought maybe I'd misread it, but the post says...

"The winner will also get to choose next months theme and choose the winner."

Sounds like they do get to choose the winner as well.