Musicbed Film Initiative Is Back with Over $70,000 to Fund Your Untold Stories

All films start with a small seed. An idea. It’s something we as filmmakers all have in common — we want to turn a thought into something tangible, a place where we can meet someone and share a thought. These ideas change with the season, but there’s always something there. It’s what makes us filmmakers.

So what’s burning in the back of your mind right now? What’s the idea you go to sleep thinking about? The team at Musicbed wants to make it a reality.

Today they’ve launched the 2017 Musicbed Film Initiative. They’re going to select one filmmaker’s film idea and fund it with a grant worth over $70,000 in cash, gear, and post-production. Submitting your application to the Initiative is easy (and free!). All you have to do is write a short synopsis for your idea and upload a pitch PDF, which can include anything from a script to a treatment with mood boards.

Applications are open from March 7 to March 24. The 2017 recipient will be chosen by their incredible judges panel, and the winner will be announced on April 7. To learn more, and to submit your application, head over to

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