10 of the Best Photos Trending on Fstoppers

We have some incredibly talented photographers posting images to the Fstoppers Community and in today's video, Patrick and I picked out 10 of our favorite photographs that are currently trending. 

The images that we chose are below. Click on each image to see the photographer's entire portfolio. Also, make sure to "follow" them to get notifications when they upload new images. 


Big thanks to all of the featured photographers. Your work is incredibly inspiring to us. 

Lee Morris's picture

Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of Fstoppers.com

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Y la mía que? Me conformo con el "exposure" de los comentarios. Ahora hay que comentar en español porque necesitan practicar.

esta bien pero la out of focuseando cosa es my distacteando.Mis ojos van directamenta a esa parte y no al boxeador.

It's my spanglish as i am a Pocho.

Exactomundo! I had to google translate what you wrote. Awesome...

These are amazing these photographers are serious talented
I’d love to see something like this for people who aren’t already pros like a sort of up and coming list. It would be great to see a spotlight on some undiscovered talent to maybe help them break into the industry
Thanks this list

What about featuring a photographer once a month?

One of the ways I look at an image is whether or not I'd print it and have it displayed in my home. Of the ten shown here, there's four I'd consider. Does this mean the other six are not good images? Nope. It means that my tastes in what would look good in my living room are different than other photographers.

Just like most members, I've seen other shots on FS that I would consider better than some of the 10 images here. It's all subjective.

Hey guys, Thanks for sharing on of my images... Definitely is not what I normally do... but I do travel a lot, and I have been always a little bit scared of flying... So yes, This is what I think every single time I'm up there. Particularly in this flight I was not dealing very well with my fear, so I decided to grab my camera and took this picture, which was edited in the same flight.... It was just a way to overcome my fear at that moment. It's a very simple image but means a lot to me!.... Thanks guys, Hope you are having a great time in Puerto Rico... Salud!!!!