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Flour Plate & Egg

I've always loved the look of cracked flour in still life images and decided to add a dash of colour and texture with an egg. One thing that I didn't realise is that the egg white has a weird runny component as well as the gelatinous part and the liquid ran all the way around the outside of the 'plate'.

38mm · f/14.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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Hi Ian, i like your images because they are very clean and structured. I like this image, too, but as you said, the egg white is too weird to give it 4 stars. For me, it doesn't matter if the gelatinous part runs around the 'plate', but it should have a better form (sorry, i cannot explain it better, my english is not good enough). But beside of that, it's a great image, the structure of the flour looks really good and the cokor is great.
Greetings, Matthias

Many thanks Matthias - I know exactly what you mean & thank you for taking the time to view and comment!

Loved it 🥰

Many thanks!

This is a wonder artistic shot using simple household items. The imagination truly is the best tool! Well done.

Many thanks Rich, I really appreciate your feedback! I love making everyday items look special!

Very cool picture. I just wished the bottom part of the egg wasn't already mixed in with the flour, making it solid instead of liquid. I wished the whole thing were liquid and reflective. But I'm quibbling over a tiny detail, it's a beautiful photo.

Thank you so much Nick... I know exactly what you mean! I hope as quite surprised how tricky the egg was to work with and he different viscosities of the liquid involved!

Outstanding! Congrats

Many thanks John!

really nice image. I don´t mind the runny component at all -- it gives the whole composition that that ring-like appearance (if that is what you meant by the circular yellow ring).

Many thanks!👍🏻


Thank you Blake!👍🏻

I love it. Great contrast in color using the mediums you did. Crisp white background with a bright foreground. Clean lines and shadow. Great job. Had you cleaned the crackes up to give it a smooth finish I would have given a higher mark. Got 4 stars from me tho.

Many thanks Chris! I did clean a few cracks but liked the look of some of them so left them!

Thought this was a crater when I first saw the thumbnail. This is really creative.

Many thanks James - I really appreciate that!

nicely done!

Many thanks Glenn!

This photo inspired me to go out and use my camera. Further, it demands a second look for so many reasons. These elements cannot be overlooked, a photograph is more than just the shadows and composition, etc.
The cracks and the parts where the egg soaked into the flour are all a part of a momentum that is taking place in this photo. Great colors and textures, amazing photo.

Pasta time!

Wow! That's a lovely semi-abstract image. Reminds me of an overhead view of a volcanic caldera.