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Wrapped in Luxury

A luxury soap is something that is not just rubbed on your hands... it's a sensual joy to use, it has a feel that It has a rich, smooth, silky and inviting texture. It encourages you to enjoy the experience before it washes away.

This image was created to reflect and portray these feelings as well as being visually captivating to provoke thought.

BTS: The bottle was suspended using a thick wire in a tank of water. Thick wire was required as the bottle actually floats and has to be forced under the water as it wants to rise to the surface. Gridded strobes were positioned either side of the tank and another gelled strobe behind a Translum background.

Ink was squirted through syringes ot the back of the bottle and a number of images shot as the ink spread forwards and around the bottle.

Post processing was a light clean and removal of bubbles etc.

105mm · f/10.0 · 1/200s · ISO 100
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