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It's Toast Time

Some people may think that product images of kitchen electrical equipment should be boring... why? The humble toaster deserves to be shown off to its very best - and what better way to show it off than to show the dynamic glory of toasting perfection it in action!

The toaster and toast were shot separately using similar came position to maintain perspective etc. Lighting was a strobe either side through diffusers and a strobe next to the camera bounced off the ceiling (the light, not the strobe!) to add some fill.
The subjects were cut out and merged in post . Other post work included general cleaning and dust removal from the toaster and the addition of shadows between the toast and the digital background.

Nikon D7000
20mm · f/14 · 1/200 · ISO 100
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I have no clue about product photography, but that one is really cool! :)

Many thanks! You don't have to know anything about it to appreciate it!

Love your gallery Ian! Great concepts and top execution in this frame as well!:))

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