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The Big Black B with Bees and Bods

Inspiration for images comes when least expected but I strongly believe that if we change the fundamental way in which we view the world around us then we will start to see great images in everyday objects that we would normally ignore.

So there I was, pouring a beer when I spotted the big B on this can of creamy Boddingtons beer… it was a single big letter, a Big Black B… it was kinda big and hard to miss, but it got me thinking… a big black B, some bees and a can of beer where the background sits in seamless unity with the subject!

The can was shot separately and cutout using the Pen tool in PS. The background, including the bees and letter B were created using Blender. The two were composited together and then I sat back and enjoyed a creamy pint of Bods as the reward for my labours!

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Awesome product photography!