And the Winners of the Photoshop Contest Are...

For the last week we have been receiving submissions for our Photoshop contest to say farewell to Chelsey. She has chosen five winners to receive a free Fstoppers tutorial

We had some incredible entries for this contest and although there was supposed to be only one winner and they were supposed to win our latest tutorial, The Hero Shot, we decided to choose five winners and give them their choice of anything in the Fstoppers Store. The five winning images are below. 

Manuel Izquierdo

Seaton 007

Yusuf Maulana Aripin

Patrick Twomey

Hunter Siegel

Thank you, all for submitting your work, these were hilarious and congrats to our five winners. I am sending each of you a private message on Fstoppers. Just let me know which tutorial you would like and we will send it right over. 

Lee Morris's picture

Lee Morris is a professional photographer based in Charleston SC, and is the co-owner of

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Good luck or the future Chelsea from Australia.♥

The movie poster and the Pokemon gif are the best ones in my opinion. Also I wish all the best to Chelsea

noooooooo... good bye Chelsea. I will always remember baby turtle :)

What a great contest! Everyone did an amazing job... Chelsea, can't wait to see how Lee and Patrick will sneak you in from time to time....

So, so good!! :)

This was so much fun!

i really like the turtle shadow! the one with the lens and the cool sweater is the log lady from twin peaks ;)