Black Friday Deals: Gear, Business Services, and Other Helpful Stuff

Black Friday Deals: Gear, Business Services, and Other Helpful Stuff

Happy Thanksgiving! Of course, the die-hard dealmakers are busy planning for their Black Friday shopping lists, trying to find the best last-minute deals that less money can buy. From deals on prominent gear and photography business services, to those on accessories and computer equipment, we have a few deals rounded up from around the Internet for you. Take it or leave it, this is some of the best stuff you'll find tomorrow (and in some cases, through the weekend and Cyber Monday).

While we're definitely calling out some specific deals, there's something just about everywhere you look. Here are some of the most useful and unique things out there tomorrow... Many of these deals have already started and will last through the next few days. So be sure to double-check if you can already cash in on the deals, if you have time, or if you need to act quickly.

Camera Gear

Of course, Nikon and Canon have their own sales, but deals at B&H (without tax outside of New York), eBay, etc., can be better than buying direct from the manufacturer.

B&H has an email they sent out that highlights a lot of the standard deals out there, from Hasselblad's 20 percent off lenses to SanDisk and Lexar memory card sales (which, admittedly, seem quite common these days... These deals seem rather modest with SanDisk's seeming a bit better on the savings end).

Speaking of Hasselblad (and Broncolor), you can get a deal on the H5D-50c as well as 25 percent off Broncolor accessories this weekend. Check out this link for those details. If you are in the sore need of needing to win a bet on who can save the most this holiday season, consider the Hasselblad Lunar with Italian black leather, which is sure to win you the award at an astounding $5,700 off the original price...

Nikon's camera bundles concentrate on consumer-model DSLRs, unfortunately. We're not surprised by that. But on the bright side, young daughters, sons, nephews and nieces can surely enjoy a new DSLR kit that could be a deal for you this time of year. On the other hand, maybe they just don't need it...

Canon has some great bundled deals that include every DSLR worth caring about (from their consumer models all the way up to the 5D Mark III and the 1D X) if you purchase with a lens or two, but you can still find 10-20-percent discounts on bodies.

If you're looking for iPads for the office or for your CamRanger system, the best deals can be found at Sam's Club (membership required) or Staples, both of which are offering up to $150 off of all or most models of the latest iPad Air 2 (Update: Up to $170 off at Costco for the 64GB model). The two largest-capacity cellular models are $175 off at Sam's Club. Target offers up to a $150 Target gift card with the purchase of an iPad Air 2, but that's not quite the same as getting cash off. Meanwhile, Best Buy also offers $100-$125 off similar models. Elsewhere, MacBooks and iMacs can be found at 10-20-percent discounts around the web at your favorite retailers without much effort.

Notably, DJI's Phantom 3 with the 2.7K camera is $200 off at $499 and ships expedited for free at Adorama when you use this coupon code: MBT1236001. Those savings are virtually non-existent for popular current-generation drone gear.

Also, Seagate has some modest and some not-so-modest savings on popular hard drives...

Finally, Light's L16 camera that normally goes for $1,699 will be on sale at $1,349 through the end of this month, $1,499 after that through December 4th, and will then return to its full price.

Business Products and Services is a fantastic business card company (they do many paper products including stationary, too) that puts Vistaprint to shame, even with their free million-card deals. You don't often see discounts on a premium product like Moo business cards, but starting today, Moo's products are a generous 30 percent off. Cash in while you can: this deal ends Monday.

If you've been waiting to order prints, many popular printing companies have deals this week as well. We're going to assume you have a lab you work with (or one you've been thinking of trying anyway) and will therefore let you explore their deals on your own. But don't forget to order now if you want to save on prints from your wedding coverage last weekend or family photos through the week.

Agency Access is a great company gaining popularity the marketing and consulting business for photographers. They can help with anything from suggesting how to grow your business to outright finding you business. Their deals were great and of a wide variety, but unfortunately, they ended yesterday since the company is closed today and tomorrow. However, I got confirmation that there are plans for Cyber Monday specials. So stay tuned for those. We'll get an update out Monday morning if you're interested. In the meantime, get acquainted with the deals that did exist here and plan on seeing (hopefully) some similar deals come Monday.

Agree contract and invoicing services are on sale in an interesting way... Visit this website at 10am Friday and use the codes in this email link to get some very special deals on Agree subscriptions. Just one rule: you can't beat me on the "Free" offer code...or your Turkey will magically be burned tonight... So stay away until I get my deal!

SmartAlbums has an awesome deal that includes their SmartAlbum software (normally $299) and Cloud Proofing for one year (normally $199) together for just $199 through end of this month. I used SmartAlbums since Day 1 and, though I honestly have very little needs for albums (personally), I find it to be the easiest-to-use and overall best software to quickly throw together professional albums. Their support for templates from major album printing companies is an additional feature that helps their product become an easy one to suggest whether there's a deal or not.

Creative Live is also offering 25 percent off all their classes, which are pretty much all excellent.

Slightly Unrelated

I covered This Is Ground products in an earlier travel-luxury-items post, but this week's unusual-for-the-brand 15 to 25 percent discount is worth an extra mention. Maybe we can fill up this section more with your suggestions added in the comments.

Have more deal ideas? Let us know! We'll keep this updated as we learn about some of the best deals out there...but as you know, this list could easily be never-ending.

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Richard Paksy's picture

Fyi, 25% on everything with coupon code BLACK25 and an extra 20% on selected items. This means an almost half price on screw in Firecrest ND filters!

Kyle Hall's picture

O snap. I got a Panasonic 25 1.7 M43 lens from Adorama for $99. It's on backorder but price can still be locked it.

Bokeh here I come!

I'm going to ride my bike in the snow tomorrow.

If you need a light meter, has the Sekonic L-478D for $249 CAD which is like $175 USD.

check out they are a new brand of streetwear for photographers. Some stuff is 40% off.