Blackmagic Cinema Camera Price Just Dropped $1000

Blackmagic Cinema Camera Price Just Dropped $1000

This was a rather unexpected but welcome development: the Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera EF and MTF mount bodies just dropped in price by $1000, making them a very tempting $1995 today. Blackmagic has told me that the price has fallen because they have "been able to build Blackmagic Cinema Camera at a lower cost, so they can reduce the price and pass those savings along to their customers." If you've used one (or heck, even thought about using one) but didn't want to invest so much, maybe this price drop is enough to convince you.

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Why not. RED, Canon and Nikon are stepping up their game. BM needs to do something. Especially because of the delivery delays and the weird quirks that come with it, such as only shooting at 30fps, not being able to delete bad takes, or formatting the SSD.

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BM did do something the BMC was the first and only 2K camera for under 4 thousand dollars and now they just lowered the price by almost a thousand.I'm sure they'll come out with updates to address all those issues and If you want those features out the box then your gonna have to pay for it.

I suspect with such a large price drop they are about to release something newer and cooler! =P

they released the pocket cinema camera and super 35 camera not long ago, so probably not.

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Or perhaps because of the ability to shoot amazing RAW vid with 5D, 7D, and even the 60D!

That excuse for lowering the price is insulting. They haven't sold one of these in two months.

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who won the blackmagic camera contest fstoppers had a while ago?

More like they found out the have to compete harder with the Canons now shooting RAW on ML.... whatever their reasons, good news for indies and low budget filmmakers!

give us some Alexa cameras at these prices please.