[DEAL] B+W Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC Filters Just $30, 66% Off

[DEAL] B+W Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC Filters Just $30, 66% Off

Through its Deal Zone, B&H currently has the B+W Kaesemann Circular Polarizer MRC Filters for about more than half off for the rest of the day (until midnight ET). The 77mm size is just $49.95 (58% off of $119.95 normally) while the 58mm size is also available for $29.95 (67% off of $89.95 normally). The B+W brand is a well-known, high-end filter brand, and its multi-coated Kaesemann filters are its own gold standard.

Update: I'm really sorry for anyone getting to this now, but they've already sold out, unfortunately. That was a sweet deal. Hopefully they'll have something like it again soon.

Perhaps with the D850 out, now you'll want to stock up on the best polarizing filters you can for your high-end landscape photography. Of course, while the 58mm size is still popular, it's the 77mm size that covers virtually all of the most common pro-level lenses such as most of Nikon's 1.4G gold-ring-series lenses and Canon's L-series glass, too. For lenses such as those in Nikon's well-loved and more affordable 1.8G series, a step-down ring to the common 67mm filter size for those could have you covered so your 77mm filters would still work (this would be great, too, for future expansion if you ever decide to buy into any 77mm-filter-ring glass.

Personally, I haven't seen a deal this good on these filters before. Even on Craigslist or eBay, I've often seen these go for at least $60-80 used. Jump on it now if there's a chance you might use it.

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Thanks, ordered one.
My 20 year old version has foil separating. Anyone know the warranty on these?
Step-down rings are the way to go. I have a nice brass one with a filter cap on each end to protect it in my photo bag.

Josh Bryant's picture

Good timing, I pulled one out of my bag the other day and discovered it was cracked. :( *EDIT* They're sold out! Boo!

Wayne Denny's picture

Really bummed I missed out on this. Especially because that's a really long time to wait for more!

Adam Ottke's picture

HAHAHA. They're coming from the next solar system over. Give it time. I told you these were special. ;-)

Lane Shurtleff's picture

I missed the sale. After keeping tabs on B&H's 1-day sales tactics for a few months, I have noticed they promote products as "big sale" discounts (in this case >50% off) but after the sale is over the new sale price is way lower than what they claim they were selling it before the sale. Right now (8:29p,m PST Aug 25,2017 it is posted at $83.95, "normally $119.95.) I think B&H is up shady practices again.

Adam Ottke's picture

This is something everyone (especially Amazon) does. It bugs me, too...but yes, they all refer back to the MSRP and not the normal selling price when it comes to comparing sale prices. But regardless, many places do still sell at MSRP, so it's hard to say how it "should" be. It probably won't change unless something forces it to...