Deal Summary: Nikon/Canon Rebates Ending, D800 Refurb for $2400 & Sony Trade-Up

Deal Summary: Nikon/Canon Rebates Ending, D800 Refurb for $2400 & Sony Trade-Up

In case you didn't know, the Nikon and Canon rebates are ending in two days and I've been told with absolute certainty that at least the Nikon ones won't be extended. Also, B&H has a small number of D800s in stock that have been refurbished by Nikon for $2400. Not a bad deal if you've been lusting for the Nikon flagship camera. Also of note, there is a special deal on the Sony a7 and a7R if you're interested...

So it works like this: Sony wants to move a7s and a7Rs. To do this, they're offering a $300 in trade in value for any camera. Like, really. Any camera. And $300 is the minimum you'll get. If you calculate in the camera you're trading in, you stand to get even more.

For example, if you wanted to trade in a (I chose this camera at random) Canon PowerShot A2400, you get $300 plus $61 if you have the battery and charger for it:

Screen Shot 2014-03-27 at 8.41.36 AM

Have the original Canon 5D? That's another $300 if you have all the cables and battery accessories. Click here to see what you could get as trade in value.

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Sony must e having a hard time moving those cameras. It all comes down to price, doesn't it? ;-)

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Apparently you don't really even have to trade in a camera. The $300 is already there...

how is that? I can't see any discount :( any workaround or promo code? thanks!

$300 only speaks of the amount of money they are still gaining... Everything is calculated. There are never discounts nor losses. It is called business. The same goes for Canon and Nikon.