Get a Great Deal on This Popular Speedlight Modifier Today Only

A smaller octabox is a favorite of many on-location photographers, as it provides a nice upgrade from a bare flash and is generally easy to work with in terms of heft and portability. Today only, you can get a great deal on the Westcott Rapid Box, an excellent option for such photographers. 

Today only, B&H is taking $40 off the Westcott Rapid Box, a popular folding octabox. It's a very light, yet highly durable modifier (and comes with its own carrying case) that sets up incredibly easily: simply attach it to the bracket, pop it open, attach the diffusion face, then put your speedlight on the tilt bracket and push it into the octabox. If you want to eliminate hotspots, there's also an optional deflector plate. I personally have its larger cousin, the 32" Rapid Box Duo, which allows two speedlights to be mounted and provides a slightly bigger source of light. Both are excellent to have if you do a lot of on-location work or if you own a speedlight or two and want to start experimenting with off-camera flash. 

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Vincent Alongi's picture

That's a good deal. I just picked one up last week at full price.

Alex Ragen's picture

Get an even better deal, every day of the year, by picking up a Chinese-made equivalent on Ebay. The only downside is that you have to wait a while for delivery.

wesjones's picture

Looks like a good deal. If you are short on cash, the Cheetah QBox 24 is on sale today for 58.88. I have one and it is pretty awesome.

Bernard Wolf's picture

These are new and a bargain and versatile:

Stephen Ironside's picture

I love mine, and wish I would've seen this and picked up another one since mine is starting to wear out.