Grab a Refurbished Nikon D600 for $400 Off

Grab a Refurbished Nikon D600 for $400 Off

Just a quick note that we've noticed you can grab a refurbished Nikon D600 for a little over $400 off the new price at B&H. This is Nikon factory refurbished to original like-new specs, and likely were used as a quick loaner or as a review copy. That said, I'm willing to bet they're in great shape. Get one for $1584, which is a slick deal for a full frame sensor.

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dust included?

A lot of the time refurbished units are ones that went through "random quality control inspections" at the end of the line....they pull them, fire off a few activations, and check some other things....they can't sell them as new anymore, so they sell them as refurbs.....

We have them for $1549.99 in Canada at Henry's or $1949.99 with the 24-85 VR

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Cameta camera has them with a 1-year warranty.

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This a great price but this place I've found in New Jersey is basically give these cameras away at $1410.00. I dont know much about the place but I do know its a real camera store, at least in the eyes of google earth. I wanna grab one of these camera in a few weeks so I'm seriously trying to find the BEST deal not just the cheapest, so any help will be gladly apreciated.

@adamcorreia:disqus can you post a link to that place?

I doubt if it is a US camera, if it isn't Nikon USA will not repair it ever. I would never buy a non USA Nikon. I have found that if its a USA camera they will tell you that in the add.