Save Up to $750 on Memory Cards and Hard Drives Today Only

Save Up to $750 on Memory Cards and Hard Drives Today Only
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amazon is cheaper than b and h

I was gonna write exactly that. Not only is the B&H "special" on the 2TB Sandisk Extreme Pro Portable SSD the regular price on Amazon (in Canada), but the 1TB on special at B&H is MORE EXPENSIVE than Amazon. WTF

I'm seeing the same USD price between B&H and Amazon. Except for the 1 TB, it's $1 cheaper on Amazon.

When converted to USD, Amazon CA is more expensive with the 2 TB. The 1 TB is the same price.

The fact these are "V2" (version 2), means there's a "V1". Make sure you are comparing the same MFG model numbers.

Oh! I didn't realize those were 2000MB/s drives. I thought they were all 1050. My bad... Still, B&H doesn't have a special at all...

1. 46%-56% discount not enough for you? LOL This guy. smh

2. They and this site never said it was "special". You did.

3. B&H > Amazon. I don't shop at Amazon unless they are my only choice. Hell, I shop eBay before going there.