Save Big with This Deal on a New Sony a7RII for Only $2200

Save Big with This Deal on a New Sony a7RII for Only $2200

The Sony a7RII has been out for over a year now but it is still an incredibly competitive camera with it's solid dynamic range, high ISO, and solid video performance. Fstoppers spotted a deal on brand new cameras for only $2,200. Take note that this is an import camera deal. This means it's possible you may run into issues that you wouldn't have purchasing through a standard distributor. That said, Fstoppers has purchased many of it's cameras through gray market purchases without issue. In addition, this eBay seller seems to have a very high rating which makes us more comfortable recommending the purchase. Check out the deal HERE.

If you're uncomfortable purchasing a gray market camera, you may want to try a more standard camera seller. The price might be a little higher, but the purchase comes with the certainty of reliable service and a warranty.

If you're unfamiliar with the Sony a7RII, Fstoppers wrote up a full review focusing on the cameras features. We also compared it to some of it's competitors, the Canon 5DsR and the Nikon D810, in this video. 

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jean pierre (pete) guaron's picture

EEK - last person I heard of, buying a gray market cam, thought he was getting a D810 and found its innards came from a D7200. Thanks, but no thanks - you get what you pay for - maybe - sometimes.

Lee Morris's picture

Haha how can that be true.

Reginald Walton's picture

I've never had an issue with gray market items. Guess you have to buy from the right source. I've purchased gray market lenses and cameras from B&H and Adorama and no issue what so ever.

Alex Armitage's picture

Something to note that's realistic is that companies usually won't service grey market equipment. For example if you try to send a grey market camera in canon, they won't service it. Very important!

Dustin Francis's picture

Canon has serviced three grey market cameras for me without issue.

Alex Armitage's picture

I've read specifically that they won't upgrade the new 5DM4 if it's of the grey market variety.

Tam Nguyen's picture

Nikon has also serviced my old D600 and D610.

Tam Nguyen's picture

*Only* $2200 eh?