Learn About Managing Reflections in This Simple Product Photography Tutorial

As far as product photography instruction goes, it's not too common to see a good (free) tutorial video that breaks down the tricks behind capturing challenging cosmetic products. Nikonian Academy trainer Andrew Boey not only makes this topic very approachable, he shows you how to do it on the cheap.

You can make every reflector/flag he uses. The 8-minute long video starts with the overall approach and final result. However, he immediately goes on to explain exactly why the pieces he used to make the shot were absolutely crucial.

There are a lot of challenges when shooting small products. Even more if they happen to be a combination of transparent and reflective materials. If you're an aspiring product photographer, and you're in a learning mood...take 8 minutes out of your day and listen to the man.

Via Picture Correct

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This guy is great!

Nikonian Academy? Now he is using Canon... Of course, the brands doesn't matter. Nice sharing! Thanks

Good stuff!

super ultra awesome guy! :D

What cool guy

Where has this guy been hiding?? What a fun video. Very informational too. He's a rising star. Let's see more of him here on Fstoppers...

LOL, this guy is a riot! Great tutorial, fantastic teacher.

the very end of the video is the best part! wait until the music ends, it's worth it.

wow, that was incredibly informative and not dry at all! *subscribed*

Thanks for sharing! Excellent help - keep up the good work, thanks! www.jaredlawsonphotography.com

LOL he cracks me up.....great easy how to on the cheap!

Such an amazing guy !! wonderful !!