Adventures and Photography in the German Countryside

If you have just under an hour to kill then Benjamin Jaworskyj has your back with an epic travel and landscape photography video that's worth the watch. Take a visual tour to the beaches, mountains, and castles that lie tucked away in the German countryside with some landscape photography tips to boot. Feeling more like an adventure vlog than just another YouTube video, from the production values to the accompanying music, this video makes for a relaxing watch.

Jaworskyj is a self-described adventure photographer from Germany with a high-energy YouTube channel dedicated to travel, adventure, and photography tips. If you check out a few different videos, you'll see what I mean when I say he brings a high octane style and energy to the table. I found that this particular video is a pretty sweet blending of moody relaxation meets photography documentary.

The pairing of the narration and music selections were particularly nice. I found myself with feet kicked up on the desk, headphones on, and lights low really enjoying the scenery and visual story telling from Jaworskyj. It definitely made me want to visit Germany someday (fingers crossed). The landscapes are varied and as beautiful as I could imagine. As I find myself drawn to fairy tale elements in my own work, the idea of real castles is too cool.

When it comes to the longer videos, do you have a preference on style? Do you like something more mellow like this video or would you prefer something that's fast paced start to finish? Leave a comment down below with one place (anywhere in the world) that you'd like to travel and photograph. I know that for me the Scandinavia region has been calling my name for a long time.

[via Benjamin Jaworskyj]

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Stas Aleksandersson's picture

Same here, Bob. Few years living here and I love driving through Germany finding cool little towns left untouched by the bombs of the WW2! And you’re right about Christmas time, the markets are just too cool to miss.

Heiko Knoll's picture

Nice work and production on that one. I do believe, however, that whenever music is applied it should fit the image. This kind of bombastical symphony grandeur kind of music might fit for the Himalaya, but not for the European alps, and especially not for the Zugspitze. The German countryside can be extremely beautiful, but it is also rather "silent". So the way this video is made says not so much about Germany as it does about the author, which he also successfully demonstrates in his GI-Joe kind of posture at the end of some sections, which I personally find rather embarrassing. This is just a first glance, I haven´t looked at his other videos yet. . .

Evan Kane's picture

Thanks for the comment Heiko, that's an interesting take. I would agree that Ben (from what I've seen) definitely brings his own presence and style to the location, instead of the location itself dictating a style.