From an Email to a Story - A Filmmaker Runs Into Some Danger

Sometimes we receive weird messages or threats through social media, email, or text, but it's not all the time that we look into them. Maybe they are fake, maybe they are real, but this is the story of one filmmaker who looked into things a little bit deeper.

Raphael Rogers, a filmmaker based out of L.A. received an email by someone named "Darkmatters" while he was on a vacation with some family out in Mt. Shasta, California. The whole video seems like a scavenger hunt in a way, leading Rogers from place to place with a bunch of different little hints. It is interesting to see the way the video is put together while it is filmed with almost no gear but a Sony a7S II and Sigma 35mm Art lens, as he and his brother search for clues.

I spoke to Rogers a few weeks before this video came out. The whole concept is very interesting and creates a sense of mystery for the viewer, something that reminds me a little bit of the "Blair Witch," but in a more realistic sense. After watching this, I am interested in seeing what happens next and finding out whether or not it can lead to something else. Being able to create an interesting story with just one camera is usually tough, but it seems like Rogers pulled this one off pretty well, making it feel like the viewer was right there with him. Hopefully he was able to get himself out of trouble so he can continue to create great content.

Check out Rogers' Instagram and website.

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