Photographer Reunites Subjects He Shot 30 Years Ago for 'Then and Now' Photo Series

Photographer Reunites Subjects He Shot 30 Years Ago for 'Then and Now' Photo Series

A photographer has spent seven years tracking down over 100 people he had photographed in the past, recreating the original images for a remarkable collection of “then and now” pictures.

The nostalgic photo series, entitled "Reunions," comes courtesy of Chris Porsz. Simply wishing to take better family photos, his passion soon developed and he became hooked on photography.

This young couple had their romantic farewell photographed in 1980. They only saw the photograph for the first time years later, recreating it in 2006. They have now been married for more than thirty years and have two grown-up children.

In the 70s, 80s, and 90s, he took pictures of everyday moments in his hometown of Peterborough, in Cambridgeshire, England. Casually snapping the people he encountered, he has now managed to recreate the same scenes up to 30 years after taking the initial photos.

On his website, Chris reveals his intention as a photographer is to “fascinate and provoke mixed emotions to unique moments of time captured in fleeting expressions on a face.”

The boy in the doorway is named as Christopher Jackson, who has passed away, while the boy in sun glasses is Martin Bridges who cannot be traced.

Despite being photographed back in 1980, Nasar Ali, Ali Shauoat, Mohammed Riza and Mohammed Shahnawaz are still good friends.

The images featured here – plus many more – are compiled in Porsz’s book Reunions, which you can find here. See more of his street photography at his website.

All images courtesy, and used with permission of, Chris Porsz.

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Motti Bembaron's picture

Nicely done.

Spy Black's picture

A great labor of love. That's a lot of work tracking down those folks. I guess living in a smaller town simplified things a bit.

cameramanDop Shanghai Hong Kong's picture

Nice work.
(House number 232 became 230 with time..)

Timothy Gasper's picture

I like seeing things like this. It brings back memories to those photographed and I'm sure they notice how so many things change with time. I remember the 50's, and 60's with a smile.

Luke Adams's picture

Love the bottom one with the guy still flipping the bird.

I hate that. I have family members that are always tampering with a photo shoot like that. The last time there was a family function I was asked to take photos, I said "No, because ---- and ------ are always doing the bunny ears, flipping off the camera, making crossed eyes, or some other stupid thing."

Luke Adams's picture

Hahaha, while that can be annoying, these are hardly “family” picks!

user-239119's picture

glad to see the same "fuck you" attitude didn't die off after young adulthood!

Simon Anderson's picture

WoW what an amazing project, really love these pics, well done

Lorin Duckman's picture

On my list. Just need to return to the streets of Burlington VT. Many of my people are dead. Very sad.

This is very inspiring. I can only imagine the labor involved in tracking down these people. I always liked the "New York: Then And Now" - type books, and this offers the same dynamic in a human form.

Robert Nurse's picture

There's something very sad yet compelling about the fifth set of images where one of the subjects is deceased and another couldn't be found. All sorts of thought provoking questions come up. The empty space where someone should be is somber at best.

Jerry Norman's picture

What a great idea! One question: Where did all the hair go? ;-)

user-239119's picture

Speaking from personal experience, probably to the ears and nose

Justin Punio's picture

Amazing too see projects like these. Great work!