In the Shoes of a Wedding Photographer: Tom Harmon Takes You Behind the Lens

We all know that wedding photography is not easy, and at our wedding, we want a record of moments that will last a lifetime. After working for Tom Harmon as an intern in the summer of 2015, I saw what went into shooting a wedding. It was a lot more than I expected. From the contracts to the gear, then shooting the actual wedding itself and going back to upload and edit the photos, it was tons of work, tons of gear, and a lot of patience and creativity. 

A GoPro is a camera anyone can buy, but not everyone can put it to good use. In this video, Tom wore one for a full day at a wedding, recording what he saw and giving his clients the opportunity to step into his shoes as a wedding photographer.

I think it is interesting to see how a photographer works, and although this video is about 4 minutes and a wedding is about 8-12 hours, it sums up a lot of the important parts and shows how Tom was able to get his shots. I have worked with Tom a lot, and he has become a good friend and mentor of mine, and I can assure you that he is always on his feet at these weddings, thinking of the next creative shot to get. Tom is easy to work with, funny, and is able to capture some moments that I can assure you will last a lifetime.

As a wedding photographer, I think it is important to get close with your clients and get to know them and what they like. By becoming their friend, they are more comfortable with you, and at the wedding, they won't hesitate to ask you for things. Your personality definitely matters for a job like this, so don't be boring and shy; be creative, have some fun, and get some photos your clients will enjoy.

Sometimes, being a photographer is the best job in the world. We put a lot of hard work into what we do to please others with photos that fit their needs. When they love them and are happy, so are we. Tom is a married man and a father of three who loves what he does and makes his living from it.

Check out some of Tom's work on his website and to see what Tom is up to, check out his Instagram.

All photos used with permission of Tom Harmon.

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Amazing Shots

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Really a Behind the Lens shimping caught at the end :)

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Great pictures.

Looking at the off camera flash at the reception where are the lights positioned. At first sight I thought diagonally across the room but then it seems 2 are set at back of room. Or was there a flash in each corner?

When I've used backlighting it's usually a couple at the back for hair lights and an on camera for balance. It seems here that ambient is the main source with OCF to serve as highlights.

Always keen to improve my skills in this area...

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