Polar Pro Quartzline Upgrade Program: A Limited Time Offer on Full-Frame Filters

For a while now, I've been using filters on my drone for a lot of different reasons. I've tried a few different brands over the years but just recently got stuck on the cinema series from Polar Pro.

A few months back, Oliver Kmia wrote up an article on the new Quartzline series from Polar Pro. This series of filters is designed for actual cameras rather than just drones so we can now have that same look we get from the sky on the ground. Right now, Polar Pro is offering a limited time deal with their new upgrade program. You can upgrade as many filters as you want and will receive one credit/discount issued per filter sent in. This means if you have any Polar Pro filters that you'd like to upgrade, now is the chance to do so!

As somebody who shoots a lot of real estate, I feel like this new series would be a perfect fit for both interior and exterior work, not to mention all the personal work on top of that. I have tried several filters but none that I have been really impressed with. Knowing the look I get from my filters on the Mavic Air, I feel like this Quartzline is next on my list.

For more info on this deal, visit Polar Pro's upgrade program page.

For more on the Quartzline series, visit their website.

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