Eric Bradshaw Goes All Out With His Island Fashion Shoot

So like I said, when we heard Eric's plan we knew that we had to document his photoshoot. This was actually the very first video that we ever made. We shot this with (3) D90 cameras (the D300s wasn't out yet) and for the interview we recorded Eric with an iPhone and then dubbed it over because the D90 didn't have any audio in. It's funny, the iPhone has much better sound quality than my new Sennheiser wireless mics. If you would like to ask Eric questions about the shoot please leave your comments below and he will respond.

Behind the Scenes: Eric Bradshaw shoots models on an island beach from FStoppers on Vimeo.

Watch the same video on youtube if you happen to be on your cellphone.

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Jalia Pettis's picture

This is hot!

patrick's picture

This video is really hot and the first thing Fstoppers ever filmed. Just a little background, Eric Bradshaw has some really amazing photos on his site so go check that out. Also Christi Heitman in this video is currently featured on two full page spreads in the current US issue of Cosmopolitan on newsstands now!

Mark Anthony's picture

Awesome for a first video! Huge fan of Eric's work and its super cool to see how one of his shoots goes off.

Eric Bradshaw's picture

Thank you all so much. I absolutely love how this fstoppers video came together. Great friends, passionate artists, beautiful and talented people ... all doin' what we love.

Kelly's picture

After watching the "how to" audio are right, it is awesome sound with the iPhone!

Lee Morris's picture

I actually just realized that you can see us putting the iPhone in his shirt pocket at the beginning for audio... It just goes to show you how far behind the D300s is if a telephone can record better audio.

Kelly's picture

It's a trade off....the iPhone doesn't take as good of a picture as the D300s ;)

Patrick Hall's picture

Ha trade off...I want no trade offs with my Nikon gear. Soon Apple will be making better products than Nikon if we allow them to get too far behind. Nikon needs to step it up

Gonçalo's picture

That last shot, with only a bit of remaining natural light after the sunset, is just awesome!

Laercio's picture

You are amazing!!!
This video is everything I need to watch to motivates me to keep doing photography!!!
Awesome photos. Congratulations!

Alexander Davis's picture

Hey Eric, great video! I was surprised that the iPhone had better sound quality than wireless lav mic. I've heard that sometimes the wireless system causes quality loss in audio. I was wondering how you prepare for a behind-the-scenes shoot in terms of audio production. I've produced decent quality audio with a wired-lav system coupled with a shotgun mic, but I was wondering if there are any industry-standard mics you could recommend. I'm just curious if there is anything I could do to make my behind-the-scenes audio relative to the rest of the fashion industry standard. Thanks!

Lee Morris's picture

Alex, we have found the best plan is to use G3 lav mics into a recorder like a Zoom.

Alexander Davis's picture

Awesome, thanks Lee! I used a Zoom on the last two shoots and used it a bit when I was school. I really like the versatility and convenience it offers. I'll look into the G3 lav mics, thanks for the recommendation!