How To Get The Most Out Of Micro Stock Photography

Yuri Arcurs is perhaps the most well known photographer shooting microstock images in the world. His images are clean, inviting, crisp, and natural looking which are all important qualities needed to sell images in bulk. This video by Fototv might be the best video you watch all week because Yuri's tips are not only related to stock photographs but also hold true with almost any photograph requiring a model or human emotion. If you've never signed up to a stock website like Istockphoto, Fotolia, or Shutterstock, I'd recommend you at least try to get approved and test the waters for a few months. Nothing in my opinion strengthens your eye and photographic skills more than producing images that can sell in a highly competitive market like the stock agencies.

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Lee Morris's picture

Love this guys work and this video. I gave up on microstock because it was so much work uploading and keywording each image.

I should have done what this guy did and hired a huge team to manage the "boring" part... I coulda been a millionaire :(

Antoine Thisdale's picture

would've wished for a bit more info on his two-light setup actually. I've tried that setup before, but couldn't get a good result... i get the feeling my fill was not strong enough.
Would a 1-stop over for the fill make sense to anyone here?

Patrick Hall's picture

What more do you need out of the light setup? I thought it was pretty straightforward, they are almost at a 1:1 ratio I think.

Andrew Barros's picture

I thought it was very informative as well. I'm tempted to go out and try this same setup.

george socka's picture

Part 1 was good too.

I also liked the bit about 10 people in India; LOL; sign of teh times I guess

Carlo Parducho's picture

Reminds me of that MarieClaire India shoot but with a softbox instead of a parambrella

Antoine Thisdale's picture

Patrick, actually, in his description he seem to imply that the softbox is stronger than the dish, but also goes on to say they are about the same power. It got me pretty confused.

Anyhow, i'll try it out and see what gives.

brett-patrick's picture

i love this guys clarity and intensity. it's nice to see a photographer who is so direct.