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Photography Trends: The Rise Of The Cellphone Camera

Did you know that in just two minutes, we take more pictures than all of humanity in the 1800′s? Or that just 12 years ago digital photography was only 1% of photos taken world-wide? Check out this infographic created by HighTable showing some of the new trends in the photography world : From photo sharing sites (Did you know Photobucket is the biggest one?) all the way to the rise of cellphone cameras (in just one year the amount of photos taken with point and shoot cameras dropped by 8% while cellphone camera photos increased by 10%).

Via VisualNews

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I truly believe that the advent of camera phones will help the professional photography world. More people are taking pictures with their phones (lower quality than a point and shoot). This will cause a higher demand for professionals. Just my opinion.

Mr Blah's picture

If more and more people use that tech EVEN with crappy quality, this leads me to beleive that they can't either:

a) recognize quality imagery if it hit them in the face or,

b) they don't give a fuck.

And if people can see or care for good quality photographs, how is this going to help professionnal?

Mike Taylor's picture

 With the influx of digital cameras, everybody and their dog think they can be a photographer. It floods the market with tonnes of shit photos.  They try to get photo jobs by practically giving away the work, driving rates down so far that those with talent and experience are forced to drop their price also to compete.  This doesn't help the photo biz, it hurts it. We all lose.  Cell phone cameras are not going to make things better for the professional photographers at all.

Quality doesn't mean pixels but ideas and vision... I don't think tha every dog has these things clear in mind. They just try to reproduce what grat photographer did or do and influencing aesthetic perception of this media. That doesn't make them professionals.

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I once heard someone say that the best camera, is the one you always have with you. 

In this day and age, for 95% of the population that's the camera on their cellphones. Realistically as much as I'd love to carry a DSLR around with me all day, sometimes I can't -and without the iPhone is my pocket I would have missed out on literally hundreds of great opportunities to (at least) get the shot. If anything I think people the use of camera phones is opening up doors for more people to discover that they might have a passion or an eye for photography that they might not have known about. It's not necessarily a bad thing.. unless you're scared of a little competition down the road.

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 That quote: the best camera is the one you have with you is from Chase Jarvis.

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Small misunderstanding. Just because the percentage of photos taken with point and shoot is falling, doesn't mean the amount of photos taken with point and shoot is down. Easy example:
PS 50 mobile 50 photos taken each result 50% and 50%
PS raises from 50 to 60 mobile raises from 50 to 52 now the percentage is 53% vs 47% both increased in absolute numbers one just grew faster than the other and that changes the share/percentage.
So the statement that the amount of photos taken with Ps cameras is down 8% is not correct.

So long,