10 Tip For Photographing Models in the Nude

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I woke this morning to find that director Matt Rycroft, over at the Cooperative of Photography, had dropped this little gem in my mail box. In their latest video the COOPH team up with first class celebrity portrait photographer Greg Gorman, as he demonstrates how to approach a nude photography shoot.

1. Connect with your model2. Oil up (A slight glisten to the skin enhances the shape and form)

3. Walk around the model and hunt for the best angle4. Use a reflector to beam light onto your model


5. Don't worry about low-light situations, bump up your ISO6. Be confident and direct clearly (it's important to keep looking through the lens while doing this to maintain your POV & angle)

7. Use windows for hard light and nice contrast

8. Use props like mirrors and curtains

9. Use negative space in your composition

10. Head outside for magic hour


Join a Greg Gorman workshopWorkshops: http://www.gormanworkshops.comWebsite: http://www.gormanphotography.comJoin the Cooperative of Photography: http://www.cooph.comFacebook: https://www.facebook.com/thecoophInstagram: http://instagram.com/thecooph/Twitter: https://twitter.com/thecooph/CREDITS:Director: Matthew RycroftCinematography & Editing: Andrea Schernthaner​

All image credited to: Greg Gorman


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David Apeji's picture

Pixels are not free. Storage is not free.

No Terry, we are not talking about the photographer being nude but the model! Pull your pants up right now you perverted degenerate!

Doug Birling's picture

The grammar of the post's title would indicate otherwise.

Please don't send me wiener pictures, I'm a sensitive and fragile soul.

Dusty Wooddell's picture

gorgeous model and great set

the tik-tok man's picture

These 'tips' are fairly obvious to most nude shooters. BUT, our 'famous' photographer forgot the MOST IMPORTANT ADVICE: always feed your models. Find out what they want for snacks & drinks. And don't be stingy. Gourmet cheeses, olives, sun dried tomatoes, smoked salmon etc. You know the drill. This goes a long way to relaxing the models. Many of my female nude models have been very thankful & delighted for this simple gesture. The ones who like champagne particularly enjoy my shoots. A bit of bubbly goes a long way to loosening up some models & can produce amazing poses & stunning images.

ALSO: always have the professional courtesy to credit your models & supply their contact/website etc.

What the hell? Gourmet cheese and sundried tomatoes? Ain't nobody got time for that.

swiatobrazu_pl translated and published your article. They even signed it as an author. No information about the source as well...

Well and tastefully done.!!

Mike Macdonald's picture

I didn't feel this was a particularly helpful article. A bit empty and bland.

Enrique Rueda Sadiosa's picture

bg music is cool-:) title pls? cheers..

Jon Miller's picture

As much as I like Johns work and the model is beautiful, the key to great images is having a great location and the right light. All the rest that is mentioned is something every nude photographer do as standard.
Someone mentioned feed the model, yes that is true if you are keeping them over a 3 hour period, I always provide small fruits such as grapes, strawberries, oranges and etc pus water. If they are shooting the entire day then there is breaks per hour, lunch and after shoot meal.
I do however wish that when someone is giving instructions/tips that we get past the beginner stage, show us the advanced stuff.