5 Different Looks You Can Create Using V-Flats in Studio

V-flats are some of the most flexible and useful accessories a studio photographer can have. This great video will show you five different portrait lighting setups you can create using v-flats in studio.

Coming to you from David Patino with V-Flat World, this awesome video will show you five different lighting setups you can create in studio using v-flats. If you are new to studio lighting, v-flats are basically large but lightweight reflectors and/or flags that have a hinge in the middle, allowing them both to fold down for transport and to easily stand up (though you will obviously want to use them only indoors, as they quickly turn into sails in the wind). The reason they are so tremendously useful is because they can be used to modify light in numerous ways by using the black side to add contrast, the white side as a reflector, or their physical size as flags. You can even use them as backdrops. They're not only convenient; they will extend your lighting possibilities by a fair amount. If you plan on working in a studio, they are definitely an accessory you should have a few of on hand. 

Check out the video above for the full rundown. 

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Johnny Rico's picture

I wonder how much V-Flat World paid him, seeing as he did not do a very good job hiding his non $200, full sized V-Flat in the corner.


Jay Pegg's picture

Forgot to introduce the Hasselblad he shot with for the most part of the video. Good video for V-Flat but would have like more detail on how he used them and why?

Lesley Jones's picture

Fuji FP100C - still available? Would love to stock up on that [UK]!

I got ready to see some incredible work with some equipment I can only dream of using, and was left incredibly underwhelmed by the very mediocre results. What a waste.

Great video! Appreciated all the different set ups.