The Challenge of Finding Meaning in Landscape Photography

Landscape photography can be a strange pursuit, isolating yourself for hours or even days at a time in pursuit of a technically perfect capture of a beautiful scene. But is that enough? This great video talks about finding deeper meaning in landscape photography.

Coming to you from First Man Photography, this great video talks about why it's worthwhile to find meaning in your landscape photography. Photographers tend to get perhaps a bit too caught up in talking about numerous technical aspects of their work, and while it's of course important to be sound in all those elements, we often discuss them to the point that we exclude the artistic side, and that's a detriment to our work and our processes. This of course doesn't mean every single photo you take has to have some deeper meaning or represent some abstract idea or concept, but finding a level on which your general work resonates with you can only serve to make it better, as it helps you to clarify your expression and make more conscious aesthetic choices. It's certainly something worth taking a bit of time to think about the next time you're standing by yourself in front of a beautiful view. Check out the video above for more on the topic. 

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Timothy Gasper's picture

I agree completely with the video. The WHY is the most important thing of all. Without it there no how or anything else. I do lanscape because...not only do I love it...but it connects me to so many things. The beauty is of course the obvious....but when I look at the scenery it...very many times....takes somewhere and even someTIME else. It's hard to explain but I am sure many know what I mean. As for telling the story.....that's not important to me. I personally know what the story is to me and I try to capture that essence as best I can. But I will never tell MY related story as anyone who looks at the scene will have their own story and I would not want to infringe upon that. It's like I can look at a simple tree and it will take somewhere...some time of which my spirit has experienced before or I just knew of for some unknown reason. I've had many experiences like this in Russia and especially when I first met my wife. Well...not that I feel completely exposed......
Anyway...maybe someone understands.