A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Incredible Seascape Photographs

A Comprehensive Guide to Creating Incredible Seascape Photographs

If you're a photographer living in a coastal city, hobbyist or otherwise, it's almost a given you've taken your camera seaside to snap what you were hoping to be some stunners. This has been the case for me, and I was sorely disappointed when my photos were nothing like what I had imagined they would be. If only there were an extensive, nit-picking guide to creating the photos you see in your head. Anton Gorlin has created just that: an impressively in-depth guide to seascape photography that really gets down to the nitty-gritty.

In this comprehensive guide, Gorlin covers everything from composition and proper exposure techniques, to the accessories needed to achieve varying and stunning results.

Image by Anton Gorlin.

Image by Anton Gorlin.

“Unlike the regular landscape shot, the success or failure is often a split second away,” said Gorlin. “The water keeps moving all the time, every wave is different and unique, every splash has another shape, and every second there is an entirely different picture.”

Gorlin not only touches on theory and gear, but provides unique insight into the planning that goes into achieving a particular shot. He says the Internet is your friend. Along with the typical resources we all know like Google image search or Google Maps, Gorlin lists the 500px location search and local photographers' portfolios as places to start your location search if you can't be there in person to scout them.

"Planit! For Photographers Pro" is his go-to smartphone app for helping keep track of tides, sun, and moon positions, as well as Milky Way position and visibility. If you go into a particular location with the knowledge of how it photographs at either high or low tide, the app can be used to plan your position and timing.

Screenshot from "Planit! For Photographers Pro."

On top of the tips provided for planning your timing and position, there's a healthy dose of advise on maintaining safe practices when you're out there on the rocks getting the shot. Little nuggets we all need to be reminded of, like “never turn your back on the ocean.”

You can find the guide on Gorlin's website. Comment below with some of your own tips and tricks.

Images used with permission of Anton Gorlin.

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Gabrielle Colton's picture

Wow, beautiful images and tips. I have always struggled to capture the waves right to do them justice

Sean Horton's picture

Just by looking at them I think it's safe to assume he's done some post processing on his images.

Anonymous's picture

My tip - know your local area. It's the best way to get the best pictures