Create Dramatic Light in Your Images Using Radial Filters

Sometimes we capture absolutely stunning images but they lack the dynamics needed to really stand out. Using this quick guide you can potentially take your images from boring to extraordinary using a single tool.

As landscape photographers we cannot control the conditions presented to us but with more tools in editing we can bring a lot of photos alive that might not stand out in our catalogs. I like to go back through my old photos and look for ones that might have more potential than I originally saw when I captured them. In this video I go over a photo that I could see the mood and atmosphere but at the time just not knowing what to do once I had it in Lightroom. After some experimenting and a few failed attempts I tried using a radial filter to create light within my image and the results were much more impressive than I expected.

This is the beauty in growing as a photographer, specifically as an editor. Over time you'll learn new techniques within editing that you could potentially go back through older images and try newly learned tips to help revitalize images collecting dust in your collections. I hope this inspires you to try it out on some older or even brand new images; feel free to share them down below and I'll let you know what I think! As always thanks for watching and reading. 

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Alex Armitage has traveled the world to photograph and film some of the most beautiful places it has to offer. No matter the location, perfecting it's presentation to those absent in the moment is always the goal; hopefully to transmute the feeling of being there into a visual medium.

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I use the radial filter a lot. At its most basic, it's the best way to add a vignette. But, enhancing a light source is its real forte. Nice video.

Thanks David :)

It’s one of my most used tools

Me too!

I liked your idea of using a large radial tool with a small screen image --- thank you .

Thanks Ian!