Creating Interesting Portrait in a Boring Location

It would be nice if we could all have access to beautiful shoot locations on a daily basis, but that simply is not possible for the majority of photographers. That does not mean you can't take interesting portraits in a boring location, however, and this great video will show you five examples of what you can accomplish.

Coming to you from our friends over at SLR Lounge, this helpful video will show you five creative portraits in a relatively mundane location: a parking lot. What I really appreciated is how Pye Jirsa shows that you do not have to rely on finding a flashy or unusual location for creating interesting portraits; rather, he emphasizes how a skilled photographer develops an eye for being able to see ordinary textures, geometry, reflections, etc. and incorporates them into an image in unusual ways. I think it can be easy to get caught up in searching for locations that are remarkable, thereby relying more on luck and circumstance to generate good images. But by learning these techniques, you take more deliberate control of your method, thereby ensuring greater consistency and better results. It is well worth taking the time to practice this. 

Check out the video above for the full rundown.

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Great reminders. I was just out on my back deck this morning figuring out how to take a frozen bubble photo. Definitely a boring view, but with some composition thought and settings it was a fun time. Too icy to venture out to the woods... meh. I have options.

Thanks, Alex. My confidence grows. :)

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photographer boring not location

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Simple, just don't showcase the location.

What happened to slrlounge. Their old system of levels worked better then now. I had such an issue to login I gave up and dont visit often. They used to be more popular then fs. Now its the opposite