An Easy and Catchy Audio Transition for Your Video Work

When you're doing video work, your audio is just as important as the images on the screen; without strong sound, you don't have a strong video. This great video will show you how to quickly create a catchy audio transition using the music you already have.

Coming to you from Premium Beat, this helpful video will show you how to create an interesting audio transition just by reversing a small snippet of a song you're already using for a video. As the video mentions, it works best for songs with a smooth fadeout at the end, but it's easy to do for songs with an abrupt ending as well. To do this, make a copy of the track and grab the last five seconds of the song or so. Then, add some reverb with a large room size and a very long decay, somewhere around five or six seconds. This should give you a smooth tail; it may sound quite strange, but trust me, it'll sound fine when reversed. Then, just reselect the clip so you include less of the actual song and all of the reverb tail and reverse it, and you'll be able to get the same effect. Try it out! 

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